Adults React to Disney+ Memes (Baby Yoda, Disney+ And Thrust, And More)

Adults React to Disney+ Memes (Baby Yoda, Disney+ And Thrust, And More)

– “Disney Plus and thrust”
ruined my entire childhood in two seconds of reading that.
– This isn’t what Walt wanted. – (screams) ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – “Opens Disney+ app.”
(laughs) – “Opens Disney app. #DisneyPlus.”
I know right? (laughs) – (snickering) Ah, it’s accurate.
My dad sent my family a group message immediately when it came out
and was like, “So, do we get Disney+?” And we all erupted.
– That’s how my girls reacted. I’m not lying. In almost– like,
“Mom, Disney (stuttering) and we can… ah…
add it up to Hulu, and we can”– I was like,
“You’re going too fast. You’re going too fast!” (laughs)
– When I downloaded Disney+, it was just sensory overload.
I genuinely did not know what my brain was doing.
– “Me logging into my Disney+ account today.”
Must be nice. I’m a broke college student.
I don’t even pay for my own Netflix or Hulu, you know?
Unless my mom gets Disney+, that’s when I’ll get Disney+.
– I think that whole day on the 12th, I was literally spamming
all about Disney+. I was like, “People
are gonna hate me.” – My kids were all over it too,
but my wife and I were just– we were ready for it.
– That’s it right there! (laughs) It’s like a time machine
to being a kid again. – Honestly, though, Disney+
isn’t made for them. It’s made for us.
Everyone that I’ve heard just raving about Disney+ is my age.
– That’s literally how I feel, ’cause I’m genuinely still
so entertained by children’s shows. Even new children’s shows.
Like, not gonna lie, Andi Mack slaps. – “This is how some people
are gonna look a week into Disney+, trying to binge watch everything.”
– (Squidward) SpongeBob? – (chuckles) Me.
– (gasps) – (SpongeBob) I can’t do it.
I can’t do it, Squidward. – Yes, you can. And you will.
– I was literally thinking the other day– I’m like,
I wonder if there’s someone who’s genuinely trying to watch
every single thing on Disney+. – There’s probably people right now
still watching– (chuckles) binging Disney+
and they haven’t slept. You need to go to bed.
– “To those experiencing issues connecting to Disney+,
you can try troubleshooting the problem by following
these two steps: Put some pants on and go outside.
It’s noon on a Tuesday.” Listen, Joshua Gates…
I’m not putting pants on and going outside.
I’m gonna watch Smart House again for the seventh time.
– That’s not much help. You watch Disney+ inside
without your pants under your blanket with a pillow and a stuffed animal
and a pizza on the way. – I feel seen.
I’m in this picture, and I don’t like it. That’s rude.
I’m just trying to vibe with Disney+. Let me live.
– That’s so funny. It’s like… you can’t buy PR like that.
– (FBE) All right, so we have a bunch more to show you,
but as you may have gathered, today we’re gonna take you
on a little journey through the internet’s responses
to Disney+. – I’m excited!
– (FBE) A huge topic of discussion is the Disney+ version
of a certain phrase commonly associated with
their now-rival, Netflix. – Ooh, yes! I want the tea on that!
– So, we’re doing Disney+ and chill or?
– Ah! Disney Plus and thrust! Oh my god! My mom’s gonna see this.
I’m not gonna show it to her. – “Hear me out.
Netflix and chill. Hulu and hang.” (chuckles)
“Disney Plus and thrust.” No. That’s too far.
– “Netflix and chill. Hulu and hang.
Disney Plus and thrust.” Okay. Well… this isn’t what Walt wanted.
– “Amazon Prime and 69. HBO and ride it slow.
YouTube and get the lube.” Okay. Come on, guys. (laughs)
– (claps) “Amazon Prime and 69. HBO, ride it slow.
YouTube and get the lube.” Whaaat. (laughs)
We’re all in. We’re all in. We’re going in hard. (laughs)
– It doesn’t really work that way for me when I watch Disney movies.
I’m not the horniest I’ve ever been. – This is terrible
but also so funny. “Disney Plus and thrust”
ruined my entire childhood in two seconds of reading that.
– The only one that’s relatable right now is the “Disney Plus
and thrust” for sure. Netflix is shaking right now.
There’s no more Netflix and chill. – “20 minutes into Disney Plus
and thrust and the Hunchback of Notre Dame turns into
‘Arch that back more, madam.'” (laughs)
– “Arch that back more, madam.” Ahhh!
– Ah! (laughs) What’s happening? This is DISNEY, okay!
Ruining it. – I never thought about this scene
from this movie going that direction. My childhood memories
are a little ruined. – (laughs and claps) Let’s go!
Oh my god! I love people and hate people at the same time.
– “Not even 15 minutes into Disney Pl–”
Oh my god. This is what one of my friends
posted on his story. I’ve seen these. “Not even 15 minutes
into Disney+ and you’ve got a friend in you.” (chuckles)
No! This is not right. I feel dirty. – (slow clap) That’s all that deserves.
– It just keeps escalating. These people have no chill.
– Oh my gosh! (laughs) Why you gotta do Woody like that?
(snickers) (laughs)
– Ahhh! I’m so– it’s so hot in here. We’re the worst. We’re freakin’ sick.
We’re so sick. And it’s great. It starts and begin–
ends with “The name is Woody.” Let’s just call it a day.
– “When she agrees to come over and watch Disney.”
Heyyy, that’s right. I’m sorry? You have Disney+?
(laughs) Shall I bring popcorn?
– Why can’t we just watch the content? I’m paying 70 bucks a year for it.
I’d like to watch it. – (FBE) One of the most
highly anticipated shows for Disney+ was
the Star Wars spinoff, The Mandalorian.
– I have seen the first episode. – (FBE) But one character
in particular seemed to catch a lot of people’s attention,
and an adorable meme was born. – Oh. I think I know who it was.
– This is baby Yoda. That’s what this is. (chuckles)
– “Can we all just stop calling it #TheMandalorian and start
calling it what it really is? The Baby Yoda Show.”
I know. – YESSSS! (laughs) (screams) He’s so cute!
– Cutie noonies. (chortles) What’s the other little thing?
The Groot– is it Groot? On the– they should get together.
They should have a play date. – I wonder if they knew
how big of a response they would get. I mean,
it is everywhere. And I don’t typically know
what’s going on, so if I see it everywhere,
it means it’s everywhere. – “Me high looking at myself
in the security cameras at CVS.” Oh my god.
Me at the Target screens during your self checkout. (laughs)
It’s like the worst thing. – Me! Me looking at myself
in the Target checkout. Like, “This is not
what I look like. What the [bleep]?” – That’s funny. (laughs)
Wait, that’s even more funny. Just thinking about it, ’cause–
don’t tell my mom, but I’ve definitely
done that before. Just looked up at the screen.
I’m like, “Oh, hi.” – That’s literally so me,
except I make it into a music video. And honestly, the new cameras
at CVS and Ralphs are so good. They’re HD, so I enjoy it.
– “Do or do not, there is no try.” “Boomer, OK.”
“Listen here, you little [bleep].” I shared this with one
of my friends, actually. We were doing
the OK Boomer thing at lunch. – I think this is the best
OK Boomer meme I’ve seen. This one really trumps it all.
Oh my god. “Boomer, OK.” – It’s like you’re cooking a soup,
and you just added that salt for just a little bit of flavor.
That’s the extra meme on top of a meme, just a little salt.
Is that memeception? Salt Bae with Yoda with OK Boomer?
(triumphantly) Haaaa! Got it. – (FBE) Another one of the big things
that people seem to be discussing is the elephant in the room,
Netflix, and how Disney+ is stacking up with its other
streaming competitors. So, to finish our journey here,
let’s take a look at what people are saying about that.
– Oh. Yes. Mitts are off. – “Three of you stand before me,
but there is only one payment in my ha”– I know. One payment.
What do you keep? – I love this so much!
Now, this is the thing, now my daughter’s gonna be like,
“See? You should’ve went with Disney+.”
Netflix, you’re out. – I have Netflix still
and I have Disney+. But now that Disney+ is out,
I wonder how much stuff I’m actually gonna watch on Netflix.
It’s gotten to the point where I’m just paying monthly
on Netflix, and I’m not watching much on it anymore.
– I’m ready to throw out Hulu right now.
Disney is pretty good right now. But I love my crime shows
on Netflix, so it’s kinda like… (sucks in breath) I’m torn.
– Just with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access…
It’s funny, because there’s jokes of like, “Man, I wish there was
a way that we could just put these all together in one.”
And I was like, “Yeah, it’s called cable.” (chuckles)
And we got away from that. – That’s why you each pay
for one thing. Each friend you have
pays for one streaming service, and you all just pile on
to each other’s. My whole family– I bought Disney+,
and they were like, “Ay, what about that password, though?”
And I’m like, “Okay.” – “Disney+ got me abandoning
Netflix like… I don’t wanna play
with you anymore.” (laughs) Andy’s face.
That’s messed up. – Both of these streaming platforms
can live in harmony. It’s okay. – I don’t necessarily think
that’s gonna happen, because not all of the best films
and television shows are Disney-related. Netflix has,
like, Paramount and Universal. – Oh, man. When the girls
come home for winter break, it’s just gonna be Disney+ and Hulu.
Netflix is gonna have to take a– No, no. I can’t say that.
I cannot say that. Netflix has a lot of Christmas Hallmark movie–
you know, winter movies. That’s a lie. I’m not
gonna kick Netflix to the curb. – “How I feel about having Netflix,
Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and now Disney+.” (chuckles)
It’s true. It’s so much. It’s overwhelming. – (chuckles) Yes! I feel like Ursula. (laughs) ♪ Poor, unfortunate souls! ♪
(laughs) – It’s almost like completion. Like, I have all
the streaming services! And then a new one comes out,
and you’re like, “Dammit!” – It does feel like
all the Infinity Stones. But at that point,
if you’re paying for all of those, you’re paying for cable, bro.
Like you’re just– that’s a lot. – (FBE) So, before we “thrust”
into this… – (laughs) Okay. – (FBE) …do you have Disney+?
– No. – I do.
– Yeah, we’ve got Disney+. Day one subscriber.
– Am I allowed to admit this in real life?
I use my son’s login. (laughs) He uses my Netflix!
Come on! Payback! – (FBE) We’ve seen a lot
of streaming platforms popping up in recent years and the competition
is starting to get pretty intense. Obviously, the internet can be
a really useful marketing tool, whether it’s intentional or not.
How do you think something like these memes you saw today
or just internet conversations in general can affect
people’s buying decisions when it comes to streaming services?
– Oh, I think it affects it immensely. I mean, a majority of the world
is on their phones 24/7. And that’s just free marketing
and free PR when people are literally making memes about the fact
that they got their account. – It’s basically free marketing.
People make memes. People are talking about it.
All it takes is for a meme to go viral and boom,
people are talking about it, whether it’s good or bad.
– I wouldn’t necessarily look at that for myself and go, “Oh,
I gotta get Disney+ because of that meme that I saw.”
That’s already coming to me, ’cause I’m already a fan.
– There’s that whole conspiracy theory that Netflix was making Bird Box memes
to get people’s attention. When it comes to Disney+,
I’m not so sure if it’s really because of the memes,
because it’s Disney. – (FBE) So, memes like the ones
you saw today have seemingly became a way for people to bond
over what’s going on in the world, with the internet kind of being in
on these jokes together. Do memes or just internet
conversations in general make you feel connected
with these people around the world who also watch what you’re watching
or participate in the jokes that you do?
– I honestly think it’s so fun to just have that chaotic energy
of everyone on the internet is talking about something.
Like, with Disney+, it’s like, “Yes,
we’re all 12 again and it’s a great time.”
– Part of me wants to answer yes, but part of me wants to say
I’m always behind in the joke, because I don’t keep up
with the memes. So, thanks to FBE,
I can be a part of the community. So, thank you. It’s great. (chuckles)
– I like being in on the joke. I like knowing what people
are laughing about. And it kind of makes me feel
a little bit smarter. So, I can kind of share those
with people around me, and then we all kind of get
a laugh out of it together and stuff. – (FBE) All right, so finally,
do you think that Disney+ memes should continue to thrive
to infinity and beyond? – Oh, lord.
– (FBE) Or should they take a magic carpet ride Jafar away?
– Ah, “Jafar away.” Ooh. Puns are out the wazoo over here. (chuckles) Out the Zazu over here. (air horn blasting)
Oooh! – Just like any other meme,
they’re just coming and going. They’re gonna go away.
– To infinity and beyond please. Send them to me,
’cause I will laugh. – It’s gonna be riding Twitter
for a little bit, but I think it’s honestly just gonna go away
when it goes away. But that’ll be when everyone
already has Disney+, so they’ve succeeded in what
they were trying to do. – For now, I’m enjoying them.
I’m sure in three seconds, I’m gonna be like, “Buh-bye.” Put that genie back in the bottle.
I’m all done with it. (chuckles) – Thanks for watching this
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious episode of Adults React.
– (as Buzz) To infinity and beyond! – Hey, it’s Sierra,
producer here at FBE. You know what would be
super comfortable to watch Disney+ in? Some FBE merch.
Check out Every T-shirt or hoodie you buy
helps us bring you more videos just like this one.
Bye, guys!

David Anderson

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