“A Guide on How NOT To Cook – The Sandwich”    2D Animation Short.

“A Guide on How NOT To Cook – The Sandwich” 2D Animation Short.

[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] hello Timmy what was that who’s there up here Oh Timmy you’re so scatterbrained my name’s not Timmy and what are you doing up there it doesn’t matter instead let’s hurry cause I can only animate you for one minute animate me oh what’s this a 3d scenario now let’s start 3d what kind of madness is that like I said it doesn’t matter now let’s let’s make you more presentable for our public public yes come on say hi don’t be rude hmm you’re hopeless oh well calm down it’s just color color well according to my design teacher this light touches an object she told you that man if you pay for that you were scammed none of that makes sense well that’s what color is it’s ugly can we get back to the part where we cook first we’ll need oh look at the hour times out what believe is nothing I’m hungry so let’s make something we can’t decide where will you get the ingredients to make something oh oh I thought we’d make soup hey it’s hard enough to do this how hard can it be to make [Music] oh that public were you looking at we’re all I know you cannot go and kiss my butt that will conclude today’s episode don’t forget to tune in next week for another exciting episode of hey guide on oh shut up you made a sandwich didn’t you well pal see you next time [Music]

David Anderson

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27 thoughts on ““A Guide on How NOT To Cook – The Sandwich” 2D Animation Short.

  1. Monni Díaz says:

    Hahaha very funny, I liked it ❤❤ congratulations 🎊

  2. giberu marcelo says:

    excelente trabajo y muy divertido!!!!

  3. Rosaa Rouge97 says:

    This is very good friend it's Ox_Lil

  4. Armando Vazquez says:

    Excelente, Felicidades Cesar .

  5. Dr Trucha :3 says:

    Hay que doblarlo al español Bv

  6. Midori Naomi says:

    Suscrita y esperando ver más de tu trabajo! Muchas Felicidades!!! quedo genial!!!

  7. edgar tapia says:

    Excelente trabajo Cesar!!! te mando un abrazo!!!!

  8. Leonardo-Z zarate says:

    what kind of sofware you used?

  9. InsaneDingo's Art n' Games says:

    this is pretty amazing dude! 😀 i really like how it came out! it's pretty cool seeing people who dig the classic cartoons. super happy for ya! also amazed you did it pretty much all your own! i made a short that took 6 months to make with a group of 7 and i know none of us could of done it without each others help >>. anyways good stuff dude! ill be sure to share your stuff too! 🙂

  10. Game & Watch TV says:

    Excelente trabajo!!! Me encanto la animacion, y por supuesto, las interacciones de los personajes. Espero con ansias ver tus proximas animaciones!

  11. AndrEddie says:

    está genial, deberían seguir con esto, son muy buenos.

  12. Catalina Niño de Zepeda Viera says:

    que excelente animación :3 me enamore de tú trabajo

  13. davidpachon87 says:

    Gran trabajo Cesar, estaré pendiente de la salida del próximo ^^

  14. Smexy Dragneel says:

    Diablos, esto se ve genial :3 ojalá y subas otro pronto 😉

  15. Victor Ortiz says:

    Me encanta

  16. Mister Gaty says:

    WOW, That was fantastic, you're really a professional

  17. Agus Cifu R says:

    excelente recomendacion de LZCO

  18. Kyle Napier-gegg says:

    Excelente corto es muy llamativo! Ojalá tengas suerte en tus futuros proyectos n.n

  19. Scámarca Productions says:

    Awesome job! Subscribing.

  20. Meelis Matt says:

    Cool. Good quality of work!

  21. Goat Farm Productions says:

    Great Vid! "MY NAME AINT TIMMY"

  22. Alex Animated World says:

    Awesome intro to the character…. small creative suggestion. Lower the volume on the music just a little it tends to over power the voice over.

  23. Lidallie says:

    "Color? The hell is that?" 😂

  24. Xander & Jen says:

    Wow que increible animacion muy buen trabajo bro

  25. JIMENOPOLIX says:

    Nicely animated, my friend!

    BTW, my name is Cesar, too!

  26. Miesyk Self says:

    Muy muy Bueno Sir!

  27. Any Hyun says:

    This is so amazing… esperen hablo español xD esta muy chingon uwu

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