A Chrome Superhero

A Chrome Superhero

Malachi was a toddler, he did not talk. He didn’t start talking until
probably around three or four. MRS. WATERS: He’s thought of
himself as not able to read, not able to write, not
able to play sports. And I think he’s told himself
that so long that he really believes it. So he would go off into his
little dream world. MALACHI: This is my room. It looks like a giant superhero
city, really. You can make any kind of
superhero, so I thought, why not if I was a superhero? So I made a superhero
story about myself. Origin of a Real Hero. Hi, my name is Malachi. I am a hero. MRS. PYATT: He has
a lot of ideas. He’s very creative. Malachi just has a very
hard time getting his thoughts on paper. The whole writing mechanics
is difficult for him. MR. BURGIN: It would take
him an entire hour to write one sentence. Malachi’s writing
is horrendous. His skill in actually writing
the letters on the page really got in the way of him
doing the work. That was where the
problem was. MRS. WATERS: So the computer was
the best option for him. Last year, we used
a mini-laptop. It was about that big. It took Malachi generally about
five minutes to turn on. By the time he got it turned
on and started working on things, his frustration
level was really high. He had difficulty knowing
how to save it. So 90% of the time, he would
not complete an assignment. In August, we got our
set of Chromebooks. When we opened the Chromebook
and it turned on, the kids were in shock. They were like, what? No five minutes? When Malachi went into the
settings and found out how to change the icon on his login
screen, I was just flabbergasted. When he types a document,
he knows it is saved, and it’s done. He had never been able
to do that before. I really don’t know what
the difference was. I think it has something
to do with the speed. He didn’t get frustrated. The Chromebook browser is
structured in a way that, in his head, he understands it. MR. BURGIN: For somebody who
I had prodded to write one sentence in an entire hour, wow,
in five minutes he had a sentence done. He typed some more. Wow, he had two sentences
done. I was telling everybody,
Malachi got three paragraphs written. MRS. WATERS: From then
on, it never stopped. He just went. I asked the students
to write an essay. Once Malachi understood what I
was asking him to do, he wrote four and a half paragraphs, a
personal best for Malachi. I read it at home on my computer
and cried, because I couldn’t believe that he had
accomplished that much, knowing where he
has come from. MALACHI: Sometimes the
ending is really hard for everyone to see. What will happen to Malachi
at the ending? But all I know for the ending is
that my character, Malachi, will live his happy life
in Superhero City. Yeah.

David Anderson

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