9 Disney Easter Eggs You Won’t Believe You Missed

9 Disney Easter Eggs You Won’t Believe You Missed

– HEY! Wait a minute!
– Yo, I had never seen that before! – I’m a Disney God.
I am amazing. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Brayden, how big
of a Disney fan are you? – Oh, high up there.
I’m actually going to Disneyland this Sunday.
– I’d definitely say I’m a 10 when it comes to Disney.
– Big, huge. Easy. I’m ready. – (FBE) Well, in this episode,
we’re gonna be showing you 10 different clips from Disney films.
Each of these clips will include a Disney cameo or reference or
Easter egg to something else Disney. – Okay.
– (FBE) And if you can spot the Easter Egg,
you’ll get a point. – Oh, I’m gonna be so garbage
at this. (chuckles) – (FBE) There’s also gonna be
three Disney Easter eggs planted in this video, so we’re gonna
challenge our viewers to find them all,
and one lucky fan who tweets us @FBE
or comments down below with the Easter eggs
and the correct timecodes will be entered to win
official React merch. – Oh, okay. Get that merch.
It’s easy. – Where is it? (chuckles)
Good luck, guys. – Wow, do I count
as an ex-Disney cast member? – (FBE) No. – Goofy Movie.
– I’m pretty sure this is the one where Mickey– or is that
An Extremely Goofy Movie? – Okay, I have no idea.
– No, he isn’t driving! Yeah, yeah. Mickey and Donald. – Wait. It happened? It showed? Was it obvious?
– (FBE) Was there a character in that that comes from
another Disney property that made its way into there?
– Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? That was an easy one, right?
– Are you talking about Mickey and Donald? Okay.
I’m like, “It’s that obvious, right?” I was like, am I supposed
to know which cat is something from something else?
– Mickey and Donald? That’s so obvi– (chuckles)
– Mickey and Donald. – Mickey and Donald.
– Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. – I don’t know. Wait,
was it Mickey? Oh. Okay, I got it!
Oh, okay! Okay, okay, okay. – (FBE) In the
On the Open Road scene, Mickey shows up with
Donald Duck as they’re making their way to California.
– Yeah. – (FBE) While many Disney movies
have featured hidden Mickey designs, here he shows up
as a fully animated character. – Full Mickey. It’d be
very hard to miss this. – I was thinking it was gonna be
something on the road or on the backpack, so,
yay, that was easy. Okay. – (Phil) At one, you got
a meeting with King Augeas. – Oh, this is my favorite cameo.
– I know this one. – Scar.
– Oh, it’s Scar from The Lion King. I love Hercules!
– I mean, of course. – (FBE) So, what was the cameo?
– Oh. Oh! I think I got it. I think I got it.
Was the head thing he was wearing Scar from Lion King?
– Scar. – Scar.
– Scar is on Hercules’ head, dude! – He’s wearing Scar’s hide.
– Freakin’ Hercules is wearing Scar as a costume.
– (FBE) So, it looks like we figured out what happened
to Scar at the end of The Lion King. – Yeah. Skinned.
(gasps) Oh my god. Disney’s so dark.
– (FBE) In this scene, Hercules unceremoniously
wears his pelt as a coat, later tossing it on the floor.
– I love Hercules. Ooh. I had the fattest crush on Hercules.
And Hades, weirdly enough. – (FBE) Next up, this is going
to be from The Great Mouse Detective. – Cool. I love this movie.
– This is classic stuff. I used to watch this
all the time as a kid. – Ah, of course.
– Oh, Dumbo. – I got this. This is gonna be–
This is easy! This is easy. – Nothing’s gonna pop up, right?
It’s a Disney movie. It’s not gonna freak me out. – That’s terrifying, by the way,
as a kid to watch that. Sheesh! – The shadow… was that Goofy?
– (FBE) That is incorrect. – It was the Dumbo toy.
Yeah, the little bubble blower. – I’m so sad. Okay.
Yeah, Dumbo. My boy Dumbo. – Dumbo.
– Dumbo. – Dumbooo!
– Dumbo. – That was Dumbo!
He was blowin’ bubbles. – (FBE) So, in this scene,
a toy Dumbo appears for a brief moment, blowing bubbles
in this otherwise horrifying scene. – It was a cute baby scene.
What are you talking about? – Oh! I thought that was obvious.
– (FBE chuckles) – Oh, I thought, like–
Yeah, that’s Dumbo. I thought he was part of the thing.
– (FBE) No, he’s from the movie Dumbo. – Interestingly– you know
how Pinocchio turned into a boy? Well, Dumbo turned into a toy. – Ah, there we are.
– Oh, yeah. Is it– (squeals) (laughs) Yes!
– Rapunzel! I love her. I love her so much!
– It’s Rapunzel. – You get a little cameo
from Rapunzel. – Ah, [bleep]. That was hard.
– Rapunzel is going to the coronation. – Yeah, Rapunzel’s in there.
– Rapunzel with her short hair. – Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
are there maybe, possibly? – (FBE) Yeah.
– Yeah! (laughs) – (FBE) In this clip,
Rapunzel’s one of the guests at Elsa’s coronation ceremony.
– That is not– I cannot see that. I saw that on the internet,
so I got lucky. Thanks, Twitter.
– I love when they mix universes like this.
It’s also very smart, because it was in the same
animation style. – Tangled! Ah, so cute.
– I just saw this too. – Oh. I think I got it.
– Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Oh. – Was it Pinocchio?
I don’t know. – Was it the mask?
It was like Lilo and Stitch’s, like… (chuckles)
Lilo’s doll? – Oh. This one’s probably
like there’s a hidden Mickey on the [bleep] wall or something.
– I thought I saw a face in the background on the wall.
– Maybe Beauty and the Beast for the candles?
– The spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty.
– Sleeping Beauty was my favorite movie as a kid,
so it was the spinning wheel. I can’t remember the name of it.
It’s where she pokes her finger on. – (FBE) So, throughout her song
as Rapunzel sings her way around the tower, she passes
a spinning wheel that references the enchanted wheel
from Sleeping Beauty. – Yeah, you’re right.
– All right. Whatever. I failed. That’s hard! Okay?
That blends in so well! – As soon (snaps) as I saw it,
I was like, “That’s Sleeping Beauty.” – Oh, I see it already. I see it.
– Oh, no way! Yo, I had never seen that before!
– Oh my god. I see it! – Right there. Mulan poster.
Mulan poster! – (FBE) So, for those at home
who haven’t spotted it yet, what is it?
– It’s the Mulan poster in the background.
– Mulan. Mulan in the background. I saw that!
– There’s a Mulan poster in the back! – The Mulan poster in the back?
– Mulan. – It’s the Mulan poster
in the back. – (FBE) So, yes, in Lilo and Stitch,
there is a Mulan poster that can be seen in the back
of Nani’s room. – Yeah. And that’s now
my favorite Disney movie, Mulan, so I’m very excited
for the live action. – Ooh. One of my favorite movies. – I know this one. This is one of
my favorite cameos ever. – It’s too fast! HEY! Wait a minute! – Oh, there it is. I see it.
– Is that Belle? – Oh, I see her!
What the hell?! – So, did I not see it? [Bleep].
Was it the hidden Mickeys on all on the top
like in the first scene? – It was Belle. (chuckles)
Belle’s strolling on down the street. – Is it Belle?
– (chuckles) Yeah, Belle’s walking. – Oh my god!
I didn’t even realize! The Beauty and the Beast
is in this?! (stutters) – Belle was reading her book
in the town square, and you can see it for quite a bit,
and it is so cool! – (FBE) There’s actually several
hidden Mickeys throughout this scene, but you can see one of the townspeople
is Belle from Beauty and the Beast reading a book as she walks
down the street. But this also makes sense
as both the stories are thought to have taken place
in 15th century France. – Oh my g– that’s so cool.
That actually blows my mind. – It’s like Inception.
They’re mixing together, and she’s walking into
a different movie right now. – Having a casual walk
with a book. Maybe her song’s about to start
over in Beauty and the Beast. – (dogs barking) – Oh, I love bulldogs.
They’re so cute. – They’re all talking to each other.
– (Coco barking) – (woman) Coco!
Be quiet now! – (Coco howls)
– (dogs barking and howling) – Yeah. Tramp.
Is that Tramp? Is that Tramp?
– Is that Tramp?! Now am I overthinking it?
Was that Tramp from Lady and the Tramp?
– 101 Dalmatians. What other dog–
oh, probably Pluto I’m assuming would be in that.
No? Okay, I don’t know then. – Was it the silhouette
of the dog from Lady and the Tramp? – The Cocker Spaniel
should be, like, Lady? – Was it the dog
from Lady and the Tramp in there? – Is it Lady and the Tramp?
That’s it. – I am a God.
I’m a Disney God. I am amazing. I know.
You don’t have to tell me. It’s okay. Yeah, exactly.
You already know it. (chuckles) – I think it was in the part
with the little signs. – (FBE) Oh, you’re way off. No.
– Oh. – (FBE) Tramp from Lady
and the Tramp is in this scene. – I thought she was just
another dog, bro. – All right. This was
a little difficult. It’s in shadows.
– It’s crazy how just the silhouettes of certain Disney characters
are so recognizable. – Triton! – I think I saw something
pop up bottom left. – There’s a character
in there somewhere. There is a character
in there somewhere. – I’m trying to look
at the people. – Oh, bitch, I saw it.
I saw him. – Goofy.
He’s breathing underwater. – I think it’s Mickey
that’s there, right? – Was it Hercules?
I don’t know. – I’m gonna say there was a cameo
of Trip to Atlantis, ’cause that’s the only underwater movie
I can think of. – It’s a different prince, I think.
– Dude, is that Goofy?! Why is Goofy underwater? (chuckles)
– What is Goofy doing under the sea? – I know that Goofy is in there.
I think you can see Donald, maybe Mickey.
– (FBE) So, Goofy, Donald, and Mickey…
– Oh, oh! Oh, I didn’t see the two others!
– (FBE) Yup, they are all underwater in this scene in The Little Mermaid.
– So silly. Goofy and Mickey can’t go underwater.
– (chuckles) Dude. (sighs) That’s a good one, though.
Very quick! Cannot even see it! – (FBE) All right. It’s time
to tally up your final score. And out of a possible nine points,
you got all nine correct! – (sighs in relief and snaps)
I’m proud. I’m proud. I usually suck at these, like,
can you see it or can you catch ’em. Today, I was just on a roll.
Very quick eyes today. – I should attribute
part of this win to being on Facebook all the time
and reading all those articles that come up about anything Disney.
– (FBE) And finally, do you have any words of wisdom to give
to our viewers out there who are trying to spot
the Easter eggs in this episode? – First, you gotta buy
the Disney Flex pass, all right? – Find a BuzzFeed article on it.
– You get the opportunity to slow it down and pause it. I didn’t get to do that,
so don’t cheat. – Thanks for watching
Find the Disney Easter Eggs on the React Channel.
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– If you liked this episode, then hit that Like button.
– Don’t forget to comment with the Disney Easter eggs
you found in this video. – Goodbye.
– (as Mickey) Ha-ha! Hey, everybody! Ethan here from the React Channel!
If you liked this episode, then be sure to click Join below
to join the FBE SuperFam. Buh-bye!

David Anderson

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