63 Crazy Comic Book Facts! (feat. YOU!) || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

63 Crazy Comic Book Facts! (feat. YOU!) || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

– Oh, hey, did you know
that Batman’s birthday in the comic books is February 19th? – Did you know that Marsha
Manhunter is addicted to a type of Oreo cookie called Chocos, and will get violent without them? Jimmy Olson’s middle name is Bartholomew, and that’s because the editors of Superman wanted to give him two L’s
in his name like Lois Lane and Lana Lang because the
readers pointed out that Jimmy Olson only had one L in his name. – Hey NerdSync, happy 100! It’s me, Spiderman. But a recent study from
Cambridge University says that I can’t actually stick on walls. I mean, ugh, what am I if
I can’t stick on walls? A kind of, a kind of Halloween costume? Maybe just shoot some stuff? I don’t– – Anyone who’s seen
Batman: Under the Red Hood or read any Red Hood new 52 stories noticed that Jason Todd
was brought back to life via the Lazarus Pit. But his original origin
story was that he was brought back to life
because Superboy Prime punched the fabric of reality. – Did you know that Samuel
L. Jackson got the job of Nick Fury because they
based the ultimate version of Nick Fury off Samuel L. Jackson? – Did you know that Spiderwoman
was originally created because Stan Lee was just
worried that some other publisher would take the name? – In Marvel Comics’ run
of the Transformers, Spiderman was a guest star. – Bruce Wayne once fought crime as a hero known as Starman. The nefarious Professor Milo had managed to strike him with
chemically-induced chiroptophobia, the fear of bats and all things related. But he got better. – Did you know that in
Batman: The Widening Gyre, issue number six, Batman admits
that he peed his own pants? – Did you know that Hank Pym the Antman once cured the Hulk of ALS? It’s weird, right? – Batman had a daughter with Catwoman. Her name is Helena Wayne and
she’s Earth 2’s Huntress. She appeared in Secret
Origins of Superheroes Issue Number 17, and
Crisis on Infinite Earth, Volume One, Issue 12. – Did you know that
(mumbles) childhood hero was Captain America due to them both being government experiments? Captain America was one of the only people that Giuseppo would respect. – Early versions of Antman
Uncle Ben first appeared in Strange Tales 97, a
whole two months before their official debut
in Amazing Fantasy 15. – In preview of 52 continuity Booster Gold actually inspires the Sinestro Corps by telling Sinestro that in the future Sinestro has his own corps
called the Sinestro Corps and that’s where Booster
Gold’s ring comes from. – The X-Men were not the first mutants to appear in Marvel Comics. That belongs to Tad Carter,
appearing in an Amazing Fantasy Number 14 about a year earlier. Granted, this is ignoring Namor who is like a (mumbles) mutant. – In Batman Volume Two, Number 38, it is said that the Lazarus
Pit which keeps Ra’s Al Ghul alive is actually made
from the same compound as was found in the meteorite that keeps Vandal Savage immortal. – Jerry Robinson created Batman’s Joker, and it was taken from him
by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. – The clue for a movie featuring
both Batman and Superman was given in the movie Man of Steel, in where Superman fights Zod, there is a poster in
the background saying, “Keep Calm and Call Batman”. – Ironman has over 50 suits. One is made out of the
metal of Thor’s hammer and the other one was
designed to take down Thor. – Did you know that comic
book artist Mike Mignola did a lot of the concept
art for Disney’s Atlantis? – Did you know that during the Silver Age, Captain America dated
sisters at the same time? For a couple of issues,
Captain America dated both Sharon Carter and Peggy
Carter at the same time. – Do you have a Lamborghini
because I’m about to drop some knowledge on you? Superheroes wore tights
because strongmen wore tights and strongmen are strong
and so are superheroes. Mind blown, pshhh. – Did you know that Stan Lee’s publisher actually thought Spiderman
was the worst idea ever? – Did you know that the only way to defeat the Superman villain Mr.
Mxyzptlk is to get him to spell or say his name backwards, and in doing so it will return
him to the 5th Dimension from where he came for
a minimum of 90 days? – The planet Concord
Dawn, recently featured in an episode of Star Wars Rebels, first appeared in the
EU Legends comic book, Jango Fett: Open Season. This planet was Jango Fett’s home world. – Everyone knows that Action Comics was the first superhero comics, and introduced Superman to the world. But did you know there
was an anthology comic and also introduced another
famous DC superhero, Giovanni Zatara? – Did you know that the
idea for the black suit of Spiderman was sold to Marvel for $200 from a fan named Randy Schiller? – Superman was originally
a telepathic villain who was obsessed with world domination. – Galactus the World-Eater
appears differently to every species that sees him. Like the only reason that
we see him as a human is because we are human. – Did you know that Marvel’s first-ever African-American
superhero actually debuted in Captain America Number
117 in September of 1969? – A fact about our friendly
neighborhood Spiderman is that he is a Mets fan, and that is because he
identifies with them due to them being a, quote, bunch
of woeful losers who hit the occasional home run by accident. – Did you know that the
Joker was actually inspired by a character called Quinn
Blaine from an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s The Man Who Loves? – In the new 52 the true
powers of Aquaman’s trident hasn’t been revealed yet. A character asked him
once in Annual Number One, but Aquaman just turns off and says, “The trident can do whatever I want.” So this may be a hidden power
inside of Aquaman’s trident that he is too afraid to use. – You know, Wolverine was
originally meant to be a mutated Wolverine, like, the animal. That would’ve been weird. – In the beginning of
every issue of Volume One of the new 52 run of The Flash, the name Flash is hidden somewhere. – Did you know that
Spiderman killed his wife by making a baby? I’m not going to go into
the specifics of that but you know what happens. – Did you know that The
Walking Dead was originally conceived to be a
follow-up to the 1968 movie Night of the Living Dead? However, Image Comics
decided that they wanted their own story so they
re-worked the concept and thus The Walking Dead was born. – (Audio clipped) and
Keven Eastman were creating the original 1984 Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtle comic, Donatello was originally
going to be named Bernini after another famous Renaissance artist. – The X in X-Men doesn’t
stand for Charles Xavier. It stands for the extra
power in the humans. – Did you know that in the Marvel Universe there is a company called Damage Control which specializes in
cleaning up messes made by superheroes and super villains? – Hey NerdSync, did you
guys know that Ironman’s armor used to include roller skates? – The Amalgam Comic Universe
took DC and Marvel characters, created hybrids of their
most beloved characters, first introduced in the 1996 series, DC Versus Marvel Crossover Event. – In Spiderman Number One, Stan Lee uses two names for Spiderman
which is Peter Parker and Peter Palmer in the same issue. – When coming up with
the idea of Wolverine the creators were torn between two names, The Wolverine, or The Badger. We all know they went with Wolverine, but The Badger is actually
a comic book character on his own being published by
(speaks too fast) Publishing. – Each issue of Valiant Comics’
Legends of the Geomancer was released in a very limited quantity. Valiant doesn’t even plan on
making the trade paperback version of this book. That means that decades from now, physical copies of this
book may actually become legends after all. – The reason we call the
mainstream Marvel Universe the six one six is because of Alan Moore, who was sick of calling
them Earth One, Earth Two, Earth Three, and figured
there’d be way more out there than just those. – The Question did not start
out as a DC Comics character, rather a character written by Steve Ditko for the Charlton Comics
Blue Beetle Number One, released in June of 1967. He was later bought in the
early 1980s by DC Comics to be integrated into their
current comics universe. – Did you know that Harvey
Pekar and Alan Moore were good friends, and in the first issue
of American Splendor Harvey Pekar included a
picture of The Watchmen logo on his coffee mug? – In 1993 personal favorite
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossed over with a character
called Flaming Carrot for a four issue mini-series. – Even though the governor
cuts off Rick’s hand in Issue 28 of The Walking Dead, Rick is still seen with both of his hands in some of the panels later on. – Peter Parker is able to
take such good pictures of Spiderman because he’s
sewn a sensor into the suit that triggers the camera
shutter whenever the logo passes through the center
of the frame. (click) – Lois gets injured
really bad and Superman has to rush to the hospital. Surgeons say there’s no way
they can operate on her. Superman reads every medical
textbook ever published, learns 10 years of medical
knowledge in five minutes and operates on her and saves her life. – Game of Thrones author
George R. R. Martin frequently wrote to Marvel
in their letter section at the end of their comics. – Once Batman became the new god, he asked the Mobius Chair two questions. Who killed his parents and
what’s the Joker’s real name? It said Joe Chill killed his parents, and the Joker’s name was
never revealed to the audience all Batman could say was,
“No, that’s not possible.” – When Superman and Batman switch cities, Superman finds it hard
to get around Gotham due to all the old buildings
having lead in them, hindering his x-ray vision. However Batman hates Metropolis because all the new buildings are
polished and it’s hard to get a good grapple. – Did you know the Marvel
Multiverse contains our own universe, Earth 1218, and four years of our time is equal to one year of comic time. Approximately 13 years
have passed on Earth 616 since its debut. – After witnessing a woman
lift a car to save her baby Jack Kirby was inspired
by her incredible strength to create The Incredible Hulk. Yes he did, yes he did! – Did you know that Captain
America’s shield was changed to its iconic shape because
Marvel thought his old shield was too similar to their rival
publisher’s hero, The Shield? – Did you know that Doctor Doom actually dropped out of college
and isn’t a real doctor? I guess Mr. Doom sounded pretty silly. – Professor X really isn’t British. He was actually born in New York. – Did you know the only member of the JLA that didn’t show up to Superman’s funeral was Batman himself? He only shows up 12 pages
later at the closing of the casket during the
infamous ashes to ashes, dust to dust moment. – (can’t understand name) Number 85, Thor reveals that Loki cannot
use his magic while he’s wet. Thor you’re so mean to me! Scott, I am now soaking wet and I have water all over my shoulder, so if this doesn’t make it
in then I’m going to be mad. (heavy metal rock music) – Guys, thank you so much for following us through 100 episodes of
Comic Misconceptions. It has been quite the amazing
and fulfilling journey. We went from here, to here, to even here. But now we’re here! My hair has seen better
and hopefully worse days. I like to think it’s not that bad. This show has allowed us to
meet so many great people who have become some of my best friends on the entire planet. And we’ve also changed a whole
bunch in our show format. We used to just be a
general grab bag of trivia, a comic book trivia show, and now we’ve changed to
actually discussing things like psychology and science and philosophy and I have learned so much, and I hope that these videos
have helped you guys learn a whole lot as well. And also you guys have just
taught me a whole bunch. I don’t wanna get too sappy on you here, but honestly, genuinely,
I really do appreciate every time that you click
on one of our videos. It means the world to me. We have so many awesome things planned for the next hundred
episodes of this show. You’re not gonna wanna miss it. So if this is somehow the first video that you’ve seen of ours, go ahead and click that
big, sexy, subscribe button and heck, you know what, right
here we’ve got a playlist of all of the Comic Misconceptions, in chronological order, which means you get to start
out with the very first episode I did, which is
terrible, by the way. And you get to see how
we progressed through 100-ish episodes. The numbering system is a bit off, but you know what, we’re calling this the hundredth episode regardless. Thank you guys so much
for allowing NerdSync to come into your homes
and your lives each week. We really genuinely
appreciate it every time you click on one of our videos. We love you, I love you,
and I’ll see you guys right here next week for another episode of Comic Misconceptions. We’re in the triple digits now!

David Anderson

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    The villian thanos is based of darkside and bonus fact thanos has a yellow helicopter with the words thanos on the side.

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    There are alot of female versions of superheroes like spider woman and she-hulk because marvel was afraid other companies would make their own

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    actor Angie harmon wants to play the she-hulk, ricky gervis wants to play a supervillain, Nathan fillian wants to play booster gold. Robin williams wanted to play the riddler. Drake bell wants to play the superhero invincible karen gillian wants to play spider-girl.

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    Batwoman was literally created as a love interest for Batman in order to combat the allegations of him being gay she disappeared when the editor for Batman Comics was changed and was even retconed in crisis of infinite earths

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  99. ky says:

    I heard the first fact and checked the date, february 19th 2018

  100. Jalbatross says:

    Wait a minute, Hulk had Lou Gehrig's Disease?

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