5 Superhero’s Gadgets Which Actually Exist !

5 Superhero’s Gadgets Which Actually Exist !

welcome to TTI today we are listing some amazing superheroes gadgets and technology that actually exists guys this is LIKE a real opportunity to become a superhero number one Iron Man’s high-tech suit we all know that Tony Stark has a red-colored advanced sci-fi exoskeleton suit which is so cool that we wish we could have it ourselves but right now in this century a Japanese electronics firm is selling a four meter mechanical suit known as Kurata on Amazon that can be controlled by your iPhone or by stepping foot inside the device as it has 30 motors to maneuver itself around another suit designed by the US Army features a high pressure hydraulic system to enhance a soldier’s strength agility and endurance it’s called the tactical assault light operator suit or Talos it effectively gives its where our super powers such as superhuman strength and a way of deflecting bullets number two spider-man climbing technology we all know how much Peter Parker changed after he was bitten by that radioactive spider all of a sudden he could climb on walls and shoot webs climbing on skyscrapers is not so easy for us that spider bite might even be starting to sound appealing by this point but before you get carried away I should tell you that scientists from Stanford University have come up with a climbing system inspired by gecko that actually enables humans to scale vertical glass like spider-man here this person whose weight is 70 kilograms crawled up using sticky attachments on his feet and hands the gloves used the same molecular force that allows a gecko lizard to walk on ceilings number 3 telescopic lens a recently unveiled a range of contact lenses was designed to give wearers telescopic vision just like comic book heroes they were designed to restore the sight of people suffering from age-related macular degeneration or blindness it kind of looks like the eyeball from the Terminator robot which can help zoom in on faraway objects to spy on them number 4 mind controller do you want to control objects with your mind just like Professor X in x-men would you believe me if I told you it’s already possible to control objects with the mind a company called Emotiv adapted a $499 gaming headset that lets wearers control on-screen and physical objects with their brain as a part of a racing game a driver is wired up to the electroencephalography headset and the device is trained to read their unique brain patterns, never feel power like this before number 5 Wolverine super healing powers in the x-men films Wolverine has mutant powers which allows him to heal himself even when he’s shot or it thrown from a building the electrx concept involves implanting tiny devices into patient’s bodies that use electric impulses to monitor and fix vital organs each implant would be so small it could be injected into patients using a needle to target nerve endings if it’s spots an organ which is infected injured or failing it would stimulate the nerves needed to get the affected organ back to functioning properly this program is being sponsored by DARPA my friends I thank you for watching which superpower would you love to have in real life let me know in the comments

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “5 Superhero’s Gadgets Which Actually Exist !

  1. TTI says:


  2. Raj Gopal Rao says:

    Iron man power

  3. Sava Rilak says:

    I would like to have venom povers

  4. helouise pinedo says:

    spider man

  5. Dainian Bellis says:

    I want the Flash

  6. Dainian Bellis says:

    I want to have super speed like the Flash

  7. Biaklian Gamer Gamer says:

    Spider man

  8. xxgacha prettyxx says:

    Cutest spider in the world (after lucas the spider)

  9. Jackson Tenebrae says:

    Which Superpower would I want? Teleportation.

  10. Ashton Harper says:

    No I like spider man's sute

  11. kattab Almuwalled says:


  12. Jackson Hall says:

    Flashs speed and spider mans web

  13. Trash Teen says:

    I want to become spiderman.

  14. Gaming With Skylar says:

    Doctor stranges power

  15. Latasha Valles says:

    i want to have super speed

  16. vecton Bakinson says:

    I will take the power of flight

  17. Cassandra Vega says:


  18. twitle Dee and twitle Dum says:

    What is that robot drone thing look like Bastion from OverWatch

  19. monitor headed gamer says:

    it is top 5 information XD

  20. the animator says:

    What if you’re epileptic for the mind control one?

  21. najmi noob says:

    If i had a super power,i would love to be the flash or spiderman

  22. Emircan Dahan says:

    Super Speed

  23. Zhack Arconado says:


  24. bendy reacts says:

    spider man power!!!

  25. Luz Espinoza says:


  26. Caleb Robinson says:

    To regenerate

  27. Tarmo Kuub says:

    I want to have Spiderman,s

  28. goku jflores34 says:

    Become the fastest man alive from run away some bully

  29. Playlikegamer says:

    Quicksilver or spidey

  30. Rosebudd 2006 says:

    I would want the Spider-Man one love him

  31. Cesar Cortez says:

    So you’re trying to tell me you can have a healing factor but not super speed

  32. Kent James says:


  33. Jeanna Chebat says:

    Green lanterns ring

  34. SexyDr. Phil says:

    Spider-Man’s abilities is all I want lmfao, and best part is, being spider man is actually possible in real life

  35. Duha Aries jr says:

    I like deadpool

  36. Moneymoneymoney Goclano says:


  37. Philapple05 says:

    It is probably worth noting that the gecko tech is not actually an adhesive

  38. Elijah Dincler says:

    I want to find out how to shoot webs out of my hands please

  39. gian ph says:

    i like spiderman power to save people

  40. Maquela Wilson says:

    I subed

  41. Maquela Wilson says:

    Spider man homecoming

  42. Antonio Mamiit says:

    I want spiderman power

  43. Walter Resaba says:

    Spider man is dead

  44. Brennon Collier says:

    Web slinging

  45. Natalie Hanshaw says:

    Yeah well you guys should be sad for Iron Man because he died in Avengers endgame😢😢😢

  46. Kamil Zeeshan says:

    I want spiderman web shooters that works

  47. TheStinger says:

    About spider man a guy created magnetic ones which allow people to climb most surfaces

  48. Jorge Lara says:

    The human torch’s power

  49. stage-speedy985 Fortnite gameplay and more says:

    Click bait!!!

  50. Leonizio says:

    I’d love to be spider man

  51. Laura Barber says:

    I have magnetic hands and feet

  52. Christina E says:

    Spider man

  53. Melody Wesley says:

    I came here to say… it's fake

  54. Kev Gamer666 says:

    Spiderman climing

  55. FirePhoenixDragon YT says:

    Sans powers

  56. PTF Blackwizard says:

    Spider man

  57. minercat says:

    Powers ow venomized black panther, aduh!

  58. Guestblox Roblox says:

    Mind power

  59. Renee Swinton says:


  60. Funny dude maker 01 says:

    Run life kid flash

  61. Hampster Joe says:

    Speed Extremely Fast reflexes teleport invisible and strength

  62. Emmanuel Argellaiced Carandang says:

    I want mind powers

  63. Kurt Bailey says:

    Favorite spider man

  64. Chandon Crawley says:

    I wood love Spidermans power

  65. Devon Peavy says:

    I want to walk climb

  66. candy floss says:

    Healing power and iron man suit

  67. Mark C. Graves says:

    I would love Spider-Man's powers

  68. Dustin Dettloff says:

    The flash super speed

  69. kashmira chakraborty says:

    super speed like flash

  70. Mae Evans says:

    The Flash

  71. de top mick says:

    I want to have the power from vision

  72. Angelo Cabilin says:

    Fuck you

  73. Glennie Patrick says:

    spider Man

  74. Manjula Chander says:

    I like to become a spider-man

  75. Ameena Helali says:


  76. Tselotash best says:

    Fly like Ironman

  77. Khadija Roshid says:

    I want to be Spiderman

  78. Red boost47 says:


  79. Djd Ird says:

    I like Spider-Man’s powers

  80. Joey & Josh Tv says:

    i would have arcned powers

  81. Comedy Center says:


  82. Comedy Center says:


  83. Jorge Pesantez says:

    mind blower

  84. Super Nodes Orpeza says:

    Super speed, water run, phasing, and wall run

  85. Neki Kabashi says:


  86. Marlon Habana says:

    the power to kick school security guards ass

  87. Dhali Wal says:

    Wall climb + Web shooting

  88. Rebecca Bromsgrove says:

    I want spider mans

  89. Briah Holbrook says:

    Spider man powere because he is my favorite super hero and I'm a boy named Roman Holbrook and I am 8 years old briah Holbrook is my mom

  90. Kimberly Sanders says:

    Flying in real life and save the day without dying from stuff

  91. Kimberly Sanders says:

    And cant get hurt

  92. Kenan Parker says:

    I don't like it that much

  93. Kenan Parker says:

    Spideys webs

  94. Dylan & Drew's Twinsanity says:


  95. Ridge Court says:

    I want lazer

  96. Bryan McGrory says:

    Ok are all these gadgets gonna be for robots or what!

  97. Victoria Davis says:

    Mind control and Spiderman

  98. KOBroRyan says:

    I'd wanna have spider man's power

  99. David Colon says:

    Laser beans super speed and super strength an invisibility thank you 😇😇😀😀😁😁😁😜😜😜😎😎😎😋😋😋

  100. JohannaMae Playz says:

    to day this is ti ti ay

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