5 Amazing Female Superheroes ft. Lilly Singh

5 Amazing Female Superheroes ft. Lilly Singh

Do you know which of these
superheroes are real and which are fake? Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Goooood Mythical Morning!
– The comic book world is chock-full of superhero dudes. Spiderman,
Batman, Superman, all types– – Hawkman, Plastic Man…
– Heard of ’em, heard of ’em. But today we’re gonna show some love
to the superhero ladies. The superHERoes. – I like that. I like that. SuperHERoes.
– (laughs) – You should trademark that, Link!
– (laughs) Therefore we have invited YouTube’s
resident Superwoman to join us today, – Lilly Singh! Welcome to the show.
– I’m clapping for myself, hello. (laughs) Thanks for coming in. I’ve
got a fun game prepared. – Let’s do it.
– And you’re gonna be against Rhett. It’s going to be to determine which superHERoes
are real and which ones are fake. – I gotta say, I’m a huge fan of yours.
– Oh, thank you. I really like you, but this is a
competition and so you are my enemy from this point on. After the
game, we’re friends again. – I feel the exact same way.
– But from this point on… You kinda look like Ken, so naturally I’m
like, (high pitched) “Oh my God, you’re kinda cool and stuff!” (normally)
But I’m gonna destroy you, so… – Like Ken and Barbie, Ken?
– Ken and Barbie, yeah. – Oh, wow.
– (crew laughs) That’s what they called me
in high school. Bearded Ken. – (laughs)
– I didn’t have a beard, though. – (all laugh)
– And neither… yeah, that’s weird. – They actually didn’t call me that.
– It’s time to play… (Link, dramatically)
SuperHERo: Real or Fake? All right, so here’s how it’s gonna work.
I got my questions here and the winner gets the SuperHERo cape.
You’re gonna be caped. – Ooh, it’s gonna look–
– Does it make me fly? – Ah… you’ll find out.
– Ooh. It’s gonna look great under – my hair though.
– Get a little suspense. – (laughs) Oh, okay.
– Okay, are you guys ready? – Yep.
– I’m going straight to the first superheroine. SuperHERo. Doll Girl has
the power to shrink to the size of a doll but she still maintains the strength of a
normal-sized human. She also goes by the name Midge and rides around in a tiny
flying saucer with her father, Doll Man. – Is this SuperHERo real or fake?
– Ho, ho. She has a daddy named Doll Man? – (crew laughs)
– Ooh, good catch! – Doll Man.
– Doll Man. – Doll Man?
– I’m thinking Chucky right off the bat and this is terrifying me. I don’t wanna
believe it’s real, so my answer is gonna – be not real.
– Okay, so in three, two, one… Fake. I’m going with
fake ’cause of Doll Man. – I’m going with fake as well.
– You’re both saying fake. – It is real! There’s a picture.
– Oh, egad! (Link) Doll Girl and her dad, Doll Man,
shrink down to the doll size and fight crime together. She first appeared as
Martha Roberts in Feature Comics #27 – in 1939.
– Okay, I’ve gotta recalibrate my expectations. If Doll Girl is real and
Doll Man is her daddy and they’re UFOs… – Then Chucky’s real. Everything’s over.
– Everything changes. – Everything’s over.
– In the 50’s, Doll Man had his own comic. What did he do? He turns
into a little man too? – (crew laughs)
– A doll, yes. And does what? Goes in,
like, lockers and stuff? – Next question!
– (laughs) Big Bertha is a fashion model in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as a skilled jet pilot. She also has the power to make
herself superhumanly strong and bulletproof – by becoming extraordinarily obese.
– (both laugh) – She bounces the bullets?
– I don’t know, but I wanna be her – if she’s real.
– (both laugh) – Ah, this seems like, hm.
– Is this superHERo real or fake? I feel like it’s politically
incorrect, in a way? – No, I think this is…
– But back in the day, – It could be.
– I think it promotes unhealthy eating, right? But I know a lot of really messed
up stuff has happened. I also know your brain is really messed up, too,
so it could go either way here. – There’s lots of variables.
– (laughs) Your answer in three, two, one. – (Rhett) Real!
– (Lilly) Not fake. Mm, I mean– (laughs) – Oh, you meant fake.
– I’m not cheating. You know how you put – kind of T, kind of false…
– What’s your answer? – Fake.
– Real! I want Big Bertha! – She is real.
– Yeah! (laughs) – All right, so you’re one behind.
– I mean I want her to be real. – I don’t want ‘er.
– She first appeared in West Coast Avengers Volume 2, 1989. That was #46.
Big Bertha, AKA Ashley Crawford, joined the Great Lakes Avengers after responding
to an advertisement for the hero team. – (laughs)
– Does she have a father name Doll Man? I don’t condone it, but it is real.
Next one: Chemigal. Chemigal has the ability to emit poisonous chemicals from
the pores in her skin, like a tree frog, and uses her powers against Borg-like
humanoids built by a time-traveling Japanese warlord named Wormhole.
Is this superHERo real or fake? – Wormhole, come on, guys…
– Oh my God, the psychology… This is like exams, where like, oh they
already said two real, so this can’t be real as well. This is what’s
happening right now in my brain. – Game psychology.
– I know. – Yep, yep, yep.
– I feel, though, that there were a lot of complicated words, so
I’m gonna go with real. And I’m gonna go with three, two, one– – (Rhett) Fake!
– (Lilly) Real! – Fake!
– (laughs) Yeah! – Oh my God! This is a conspiracy theory.
– Chemigal gained her poisonous pores from a bad batch of
face-cleaning astringent. – (laughs)
– That’s a fake fact for a fake – superHERo.
– Yes. – I need to get weirder.
– Next– you can still catch up. – I can. Let’s do it.
– Don’t panic. – I’m not panicking.
– You are down two. – You don’t look like you’re panicking.
– I’m not panicking at all. I’m chilling. – Maybe you should panic.
– I’m chilling. Meggan, with two G’s– MegGAN,
is how I would pronounce it– – (laughs)
– Cares a lot about what other people think of her, because she’s an empathic
metamorph. She morphs into what people think of her. People think she’s a
monster and she becomes a monster. Someone says, “You’re beautiful
inside,” she becomes beautiful. – Is this superHERo real or fake?
– This is an amazing concept if it isn’t real, and if you came up with this, you
should– we should start a side business. But this is the story
of It by Stefan King, so… – Really?
– Yeah! – You call him Stefan?
– (all laugh) – Is that a Canadian thing?
– Stefan, Stephen, same thing. – Lilly, Lillseng, it’s fine.
– Close friends call him Stefan. Is that Stephen’s less successful brother? Stefan… Stefan King? Was I Indian
right there? Stefan, Stephen? – You did say Stefan, yes.
– Stefan? Is it Stephen? – StefAN.
– I call him Stephen. – (laughs) StefAN… StefAN King?
– Maybe his friends call him Stefan. – That’s the correct pronunciation.
– Stephanie King? What is it? – StefAN?
– StefAN King. – StefAN?
– No. StefAN KAIngh. (laughs) Is MegGAN, or Meggan, a real superHERo
or a fake one? In three, two, one. – (Rhett) Real.
– (Lilly) Fake. – You guys– you guys are all over this.
– I just don’t wanna agree with him. – Real.
– (laughs) Gosh. Maybe he knows me too well. He knows I
couldn’t make up something that intricate. Yeah. You guys, like, vibe… (laughs) – (Link) Meggan first appeared in–
– (Lilly) Oh my. (Link) Marvel UK’s Mighty World of Marvel
#7 in 1983. Her parents made her live in a trailer behind her house when she was a
kid, where she watched British television – all day.
– So you’re telling me her power is that she becomes beautiful if
someone calls her beautiful? (Link) She becomes whatever
people think of her. So she’s a modern-day
teenager, basically. (laughs) – Yeah. It’s sad.
– Basically, it’s what I’ve got. (laughs) I’ll be whatever you want me to be.
Okay, so let’s make the next four worth – two points.
– Oh yeah. – Are you trying to give me an advantage?
– No no no, I’m trying to bury you further. – Make it interesting.
– (all laugh) – Going for the kill.
– The Scarlet Barbarian. A hairy, yet attractive woman, the Scarlet Barbarian
can bring any animal under complete control, extend her power to hundreds
of animals at a time, and, thanks to her distinctive red lipstick, melt the flesh
of enemies with a kiss. (smooches) – Hold on, what’s she do with the hair?
– Ohhh. She warms…? What does
she do with the hair? – She’s hairy, yet attractive.
– (laughs) – How is that?
– That’s your problem, dude. I have a lot of hair. What’re
you tryin’ to say? Um… (laughs) – On your head, right there.
– All right, here we go. – Um, let’s see…
– And she does what with the kiss, sorry? She kills people with her distinctive red
lipstick. Melts the flesh of enemies with – a kiss. Your answer…
– Is there a chemical in there? in three, two, one. – (Rhett) Real.
– (Lilly) Fake. (laughs) Lilly’s right! Fake. Ah… while watching
Conan the Barbarian on Amazon Prime, she was bitten by a radioactive
piranha and gained her powers. – Piranha.
– Oh, that came from a piranha. – That makes no sense.
– (laughs) – Of course you made that up.
– Haters gonna hate. Shake it off. – Uh… Owlwoman.
– (all laugh) – (mocking Link) Owlwoman.
– Her magical abilities allow her to fly like an owl and see perfectly at night.
She has retractable claws like Wolverine and is known for helping
Hawkman dismantle bombs. She works with Hawkman? Well, I should
know about this, man, ’cause he’s my – favorite superhero!
– That’s true. – Is it actually? Disadvantage.
– Yeah, Hawkman’s my favorite superhero. – Hm.
– I haven’t read all the comics. – And they deactivate bombs.
– You like owls, Lilly? – I don’t remember owls.
– I mean, I’m indifferent. – You like Owlwomen?
– I like Drake. Can she turn her head
around? Can she look backwards? Is this superHERo real
or fake in three, two, one. – (Rhett) Real.
– (Lilly) Fake. – We’ll just never agree.
– Real! – Ohhhh!
– First appeared in Super Friends #7 in 1997, Wenonah Littlebird is awesome,
however she cannot turn her head – 270 degrees.
– She can’t? – She can’t.
– You see how that just answered your – question. Whoa, whoa.
– She doesn’t deserve to be an Owlwoman. I didn’t even know who Hawkman is! Is like
you’re boys with Hawkman. I didn’t even – know what Hawkman is.
– He’s a loser superhero. – I didn’t know Owlwoman either.
– (laughs) He’s a loser superhero. – I’d like to get to know her, though!
– As opposed to us, who are real – superheroes. (laughs)
– He can’t get his own movie made, – and we tried.
– Okay, so where do we stand? We’re going – into Round 7. Wow, I’m up by three!
– Ohhh. – Time Ryder.
– Here we go. With the ability to control time with a
computer chip from the future implanted into her brain, Time Ryder — with a Y —
travels through the tunnels of the space-time continuum,
solving unsolved mysteries. – With a Y?
– With a Y, that made it – so more believable.
– Time Ryder, with a Y. – Ridaah.
– Time has an I but the Ryder has a Y. – Oh, fancy.
– How’s time spelled? – T-I-M-E.
– (laughs) ‘Cause that makes a difference. Are you sure it’s not T-H-Y-M-E? Because
Thyme Ryder would be like a sous chef. (laughs) I come in on the thyme
and I hand you the rosemary. – (laughs)
– If I was making this one up, that’s – what I would call it.
– Oh. – Ohhhh.
– Oh, ohh… (laughs) – Oh, okay.
– Trying to mess with the vibe, here. – Got it, okay.
– Space-time continuum. Is this superHERo real or fake? Three, two, one. – (Rhett) Real.
– (Lilly) Fake. – Fake! You’re right.
– (hooting laughs) And if you’re curious, Time Ryder watches
reruns of Unsolved Mysteries and then travels back in time to solve them with
the help of the show’s host, Robert Stack. – (snorts)
– See, I knew all of that. (laughs) – Ol’ Robert Stack.
– All right. So now I’m up by 1, so really
it comes down to this one. – Anybody’s game, ha!
– The pressure. – Pudding Fong. Pudding–
– Thong? – Fong.
– Pudding Thong. – (laughs) How would that work?
– I’m just a woman with a pudding thong. – (laughs) No.
– I’m here to save the day. (all laugh) – She probably could.
– That’s probably been done. Yeah, it’s probably been done. (enunciates) Pudding Fong.
With an F, please! – (laughs) What?
– Okay. Fong. – Hold on.
– Get your mind out of the gutter. Listen to the clue! Pudding Fong was
injected with the DNA of an endangered Golden Lion Tamarin during an earthquake.
Therefore, she sprouts a monkey tail and – ears when fighting alien parasites.
– Okay, just to clarify, you’re 100% sure – there’s not a pudding thong involved.
– (all laugh) Because then I would
believe it right off the bat. Ah. What does she do with
the fong? What is a fong? – She gives it to the monkeys.
– Are you talking about, like, when you let pudding sit out for a while
and it’s got a film on top of it? – No.
– And you could, like, pull that off and – wear it as underwear?
– I’m talking about a g-string – made of pudding.
– Yeah, but that’s how you would make it. – Yeah, like a Sports Illustrated thing.
– (laughs) I’m sorry, I have no experience – in the matter.
– (all laugh) – No, this is the kind of thing that–
– That’s how I make it. (laughs) That’s how I would make
it, that’s not how I did make it. This is the kind of thing that, in 2017,
the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue will be all pudding thongs. You know
what I’m saying? They’re always doing – something different.
– You’re pushing this too far. – I’m just saying!
– Is Pudding Fffffong… We’re not judging you for whatever
preferences you have, just to let you know. … a real superHERo or fake? This is
for the win in three, two, one. – (Rhett) Fake!
– (Lilly) Real. I just really – want there to be pudding thong. (laughs)
– Oh. Someone is going to win. – Real.
– Woo! Pudding thongs! Lilly took the win! Japanese manga, anime
TV series, and later videogame created in 2000, Puddy Fong– Pudding Fong
is the youngest of the five– – Puddy Fong. (laughs)
– Mew Mews from Toyko. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? – Mew Mews have been injected with a gene–
– I have to do that whenever he says Tokyo. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? – When anybody says it, really.
– Says Tokyo? – Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
– (Link, over Rhett) Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t do it. Imma
have to take away this cape. – Okay.
– Congratulations. – ♪ (triumphant music) ♪
– Nice comeback. – You can tie that on you.
– Oh, thank you. – You deserve every bit of it.
– Mew Mews have been injected with the genes of endangered species, giving them
the ability to transform into Mew Mews. – Mew Mews.
– Mew Mews. – Mew Mews.
– Mew Mews. I’m afraid to say that
too many times. Mew Mews. – Congratulations, Lilly.
– Thank you. You have proven yourself YouTube’s
Superwoman yet again. – Thank you.
– And thank you for liking and commenting on this video. Say you
know what time it is. You know what time it is. – I’m Low Budget Thor.
– And I’m Low Budget Loki. We’re here taking
over NC State University. – It’s time to spin
– (unison) The Wheel of Mythicality! Check out Lilly’s amazing YouTube channel
if you already haven’t, or haven’t already. You might find a little collab
video over there featuring two guys that – you’re familiar with.
– Hey hey hey. Also click through to Good Mythical More where we’re gonna hang
out with her and share an embarrassing story that we have with her.
Thank you for coming on the show. – Here’s our gift to you.
– Oh, thank you so much. – And you can take your mug.
– It’s the official Mythical Hat. Oh, free stuff! I love it. I’m
gonna wear it right now. Bam! (Rhett) Rhett breaks both of his legs in
a freak whaling accident. Hey guys, give me a second. I’ve been
invited on a whaling trip. – All right.
– Okay. A second? – This is gonna be good.
– Oh! – I think the trip’s in Tokyo.
– Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? – You’re already back?
– Yeah. It was a one-second whaling trip? How
did you break your legs in one second? – (silly voice) It was a big whale!
– (whispers) This is gonna be viral! It’s a big, violent whale. You know those
whales, I got one foot stuck in his blowhole, broke that one. And then
the other one… slipped in there too! (all laugh) [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

David Anderson

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