2 MISSING GIRLS scary Animated Story

2 MISSING GIRLS scary Animated Story

This is a true story
I couldn’t tell anyone until now. When I was walking home from school, I came
across some coats hanging on a fence, Now it had been raining real bad all night
and all day and they looked like they had been there for a while. One was red. Puffy.
It looked like it would keep you warm. The other was gray and dreary – more like
a sweatshirt. They had a sadness about them, like they
were abandoned. My first thought was someone had hung them to dry. They were
both my size but didn’t seem much like something a boy would wear. With that
said, I was never choosy. It sucks to be poor. I’d go through dumpsters and
hang outside restaurants, waiting for leftovers. One time, I was so hungry that
I thought about stealing something but I never did. I considered myself a good
person, and if it’s not mine…then it’s not mine. They made fun of me a lot,
calling me “poor man.”…not a great name, but it is what it is. When I was younger, I
stopped going to birthday parties because we couldn’t give a gift. One
thing I did love to do was draw. I drew anything and everything I’d see. Dad
hated me drawing for some reason and actually said I couldn’t draw at home. So,
I drew at the library or in one of my hideouts. Now, back to these coats. I
needed a coat real bad and well, there were two of them. As much as I wanted to
take them, and yes – I wanted them both – I didn’t. It’s not that anyone needed
them more than me, they didn’t. I’d walk home back and forth from school, freezing,
all the time, and I needed a coat bad. It was just that I didn’t want to steal and
take something away from someone else who needed it more than me. I ended up
going home and did my homework. Dad never came back that night and the rain
just started belted down. God, it was relentless – like someone just
hammering nails on the roof. While I wasn’t allowed to watch TV, I
imagined the news was going to say that it was gonna be wet for the whole next
week. As I walked to school the coats were still there. School
happened. Nothing notable as I remember. As the thunder rumbled in the sky, I
looked up, thinking maybe they fell out of a plane. I considered looking around
to see if there was any luggage. My gut was no one was coming back for them, so I
took it. I know it might seem weird to you, that I made such the big deal out of
these coats, but when I was younger, my mom, before she died, gave me a baseball.
She said it was a very special baseball, that was signed and worth a lot of money. I
hid it in a tree, just to be sure that my dad wouldn’t take it and sell it. There
was a project at school, where they asked us to give a presentation to the class.
It was about what meant something to you and like the biggest idiot I told the
class about my ball. Man, I didn’t think much about it. A few weeks
later, I went to check up on it and it was gone. I never found out who took
it but having something taken from you… is the worst feeling ever. Now back in my
trailer, it was so bad,
you could see the rain flying horizontally through the air. I checked
to see if there was a name tag in the coat: “MAD” Speaking of “mad,”
my dad was furious when he saw me wearing the new coat. He screamed at me
and asked me where I got it. I told him I found it near the river. He grabbed me by
my shoulders and yelled I shouldn’t pick up stuff that belonged to others and
went to hit me. I stepped back, just missed his fist. Then I ran out the door as fast as
I could. it sucks to have a dad who thinks you’re
a punching bag but that was him and while I loved him,
he also made my life a living hell. As I ran through the woods I heard
his voice bellow out behind me as he yelled out my name I sure as hell
didn’t stop, instead I ran to the school – where I knew there was an unlocked shed
that I could always crash in. It was kind of like my second home…I called it “shed
hotel.” I stayed there all night. I never went home and must have been
the first one at school that day. The rain continued to attack me on the way
to the main building. But that coat was awesome. At lunch I
sat alone. I was a little out in the rain but it was the only bench available.
I didn’t mind much as I had my coat on. Of course, I didn’t have a lunch, so I wanted
to be as far away from the smell of food as possible.
there was some commotion at the other end and a silence, as I saw some
hats walk across the courtyard. i recognized them right away as they were
the local sheriffs. They had been in my house a long time ago to speak with my
dad about something when my mom died. The minute they went to the principal’s
office everyone continue chattering. I asked someone what was going on and they looked at me like I was an alien. Everyone seemed to know more than me.
Maybe it was because I wasn’t allowed to watch TV. Or maybe it was because I
didn’t really have any friends – I don’t know. Eventually a
sixth-grader told me that two eighth grade girls had gone missing the day
before. Everyone was sad. The two girls – I didn’t know – who had been playing in the
woods – had just vanished. There were even news vans, parked outside on the street,
next to the school, with reporters, trying to interview parents. A sheriff was
handing out sheets of papers, so I went up to him. Turns out there were missing
posters, drawn by a sketch artist. One of the girls was called Catherine; and the
other, Madelaine. Madelaine had on a similar coat to mine. Wait! it suddenly
occurred to me that Mad could be Madeleine! My heart raced! Had I (nervous stutter) Had I taken her coat??? As I stood there , in front of the officer, I felt like I’d get in so much
trouble if he knew. He stared at me and then he stared at the coat. I wanted him
to figure it out for himself and ask me about the coat. But he
didn’t. I slowly walked away and sat in a classroom thinking about what I
should do. As kids came in they talked about how sheriffs were everywhere
searching for Mad and Catherine. I stared at the coat in the sketch and
then looked at the reflection of the real thing in the window. I was so scared –
scared that someone would suddenly say I had that coat on – and scared that no one
would realize. I thought about going into the bathroom and just dumping the
coat and then letting someone else know that it was in there. Well the sheriff
came into my classroom. He asked everyone if we had seen anything no one answered
he gave us a talk on not going off with strangers and how dangerous it could be
someone asked him about some other kids that went missing a few years back. Well,
I didn’t know about them, but the sheriff said it was true. Mad and Catherine
weren’t the first kids to go missing in our town. When the sheriff left I felt so bad. Tears welled up on my face and I pushed
them out of the way. I felt eyes all on me as kids looked my way. I got up and I
ran out – not because of them – but because I had to do what was right… I
mean, those girls might be on their last breaths… and if I didn’t help… they might
be lost from the world forever The sheriff was in the hallway and
turned to me as I ran out the door. As I approached, he calmly and warmly assured
me “Don’t be afraid, we’ll catch whoever did this.” I shook my head, showing him my
coat, telling that it was Mad’s. I thought he was gonna be angry and hit me – just
like my dad – but he wasn’t. He was thankful and he asked me to follow him.
We went into the principal’s office I sat there alone for about ten minutes
before he came in and gave me his sheriff’s jacket. It was several sizes
too big but really warm. He said it was mine for helping him out and he asked me
if I’d show him exactly where I found the coats. I said of course I’d help them
and led them to the fence. As we arrived, we were met by another detective, who was also a police sketch artist. When we were there, he asked me where the other coat
was. I told him it was at my place and that my dad probably had it. He asked
me where I lived then asked who my dad was. The sheriff then told me something
that shook me to my core. He said years ago when I was young, when my mom
disappeared, some other kids had gone missing too,
My mom had been to the police station with a drawing – apparently it was one of
mine. It was of a man with two girls, both in raincoats with flower patterns. It made
my dad a suspect in their disappearance but they could never get enough evidence.
That’s when my mom disappeared.Then they said they thought it was him but again,
they couldn’t prove it they asked me to think really, really hard, whether I knew
anything that could help them. I wish I did but I couldn’t think of
anything. The detective asked if I had ever kept any of my old drawings. I’d had
them under my mattress. Now I’ d secretly kept everything there that I’d ever
drawn from a very, very young age – ever since I lost my mom – and well – I didn’t
want to lose anything else. We all went to my trailer together.
Dad wasn’t home. I heard some of the cops say that they had a warrant for his
arrest, which was confirmed by the detective as he looked over my pictures.
Well, I hadn’t looked at some of them in a very long time and I didn’t remember
most of them. But I could see how as I grew up they
got better. Some of the drawings were of two girls, both in raincoats with flower patterns. They questioned me about them but I
couldn’t really remember anything. I couldn’t remember even ever drawing them.
There were pictures of a woman with long, black hair. I knew that was my mom
I loved her smile and then there was the man in black. This was my dad. He had
an evil face and large, monstrous hands. I was often walking in the woods and it
was chasing me and just jumping out from the trees behind me. The detective whose
name was Jason told me how good the drawings were and that I had a lot of
talent. He was trying to help me remember stuff and whenever I said anything – I
guess that was important – his eyes would widen and even look over the sheriff. Now,
there was a blue rectangle in several of the pictures. In one… the two girls with
raincoats. They asked me if it was a house? I couldn’t remember what it was…
until I saw a photo with a ladder on top of it. My eyes lit up and they
instantly knew that I knew where it was. On one side of the trailer park was a
very rocky cliff edge. Everyone stayed away from it because it was so dangerous.
But I remember once my dad taking a rope ladder there. I remember this
because I followed him, thinking that maybe he was setting up a swing for me.
But he wasn’t. And I forgot all about it… until now. The sheriff ordered officers to
that area. Now they had body cameras on them, so I watched a video on a monitor,
pointing out exactly where I saw my dad take that ladder. “Approach with extreme caution.” “We see a
cage.” “He’s here.” “Suspect is here.” As I watched, suddenly I
heard gunfire as one of the officers went down, everyone flinched. The sheriff
yelled commands and panicked and screaming voices came through the radio
and then…more shots. Jason shuffled me into the other room so
I couldn’t tell what was going on. About half an hour later the sheriff came in
and Jason asked if the girls had been found but the sheriff looked sad.
He told Jason to wait outside and then sat down to break some news to me. He
said that my dad was there and was shot…dead. When I asked if he got the girls
and he nodded his head and whispered “They’re safe.” I couldn’t help but
smile. They were no longer lost. While I loved my dad I felt somewhat relieved. It
meant, for sure, I knew my life was going to change but to be honest… he was as
Billy Eilish says… a bad guy… By the way…this story doesn’t end bad. I
graduated High school. Went to college. Graduated. Went to Quantico. Became an FBI agent. It wasn’t all good. I did lose my leg at some point but I’ll save that story for another time. I now hunt bad guys and while I’m not
proud that my dad was the raincoat killer, I can say this to all bad guys
out there… Don’t…Turn…Around… I’ll be right behind you

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “2 MISSING GIRLS scary Animated Story

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  4. Ehryll Wolf says:

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  6. KobiLOL Player says:

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  7. pratima singh says:

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  8. chef turtle says:

    That ending though so fucking awesome

  9. Elizabeth Torres says:

    Everything happens for a reason, the unfortunate situations in your young life, made you an awesome detective in later years. Glad those girls were found. Do not want to think about the ones still missing. Hopefully they were found, and brought safely home.
    Sorry about your mom, for I too miss mine.

  10. Hal Horning says:

    Me: sing Billie eilish (bad guy)
    Him: A bad guy

  11. Chipotle Fan says:

    yes I knew it was the dad this is going to sound stupid but why would the dad be yelling so that gave me a clue its provably him and it was.

  12. Kari Nixon says:

    He knows Billie

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    holy hell this goes beyond bollywood crappyness

  15. Rehan Wasti says:

    This is scary because… I was in grade 8. But now I'm going to grade 9.

  16. Nieve Suckling says:

    You did the right thing with the jacket 😌❀️

  17. Claudine Mae says:

    Anyone else got scared at 3:10 ?

  18. tHe cAt oF mEmE says:

    "as Billie Eilish says, a bad guy"

    πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž best sentence ever! πŸ˜‚

  19. Katelyn Villegas says:

    I can relate when I was little my family was rly poor we used to get our clothes and toys and books and whatever else from the garbage luckily I lived with my dad and I was literally the happiest kid alive back then I didn’t know my mom that well but she was a liar and abusive and I only saw her like 2 times every month so I have a deep disliking towards her also she saw us struggling but never lifted a hand to help while her and her new husband and family lived a financially comfortable life,

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  24. Marie x says:

    4:30 "Just missed his fist". What a bitch who hits children. I understand this. I never got the fist though, more like objects. This story is infuriating :/

  25. ProFaktor 3 says:

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  26. Kingdom United says:

    I love stories so much

  27. Secret Sender says:



    The boy lost his leg as he grew up, and if I remember correctly, Agent Warren is an FBI agent and lost his leg as well. I'm sorry if I'm wrong; I haven't watched the Creepy School Bus in years.

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    I wanna know who this guy is because he is/was in the career field I want to be in

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    I was expecting to be freaked out but instead, I got a story of how a person grows vengeance from within (which is definitely my favorite taste).

  59. Shade says hi says:

    ha u are not sike

  60. Lisa McDonald says:

    Great story! Great reading! Love the animation! Very well done! It's hard to find story narration as good as this is. It held my attention, most don't.

  61. Frozen Gamez says:

    Moral: All rich kids can be spoiled
    Moral #2: Kids who are poor and in abusive families will become sucessful

  62. Riv era says:

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  64. Sparkles8 : says:

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  66. Olivia Taylor says:


  67. GK Glove Reviews says:


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