15 Disney Remakes Announced! 2020 Edition

15 Disney Remakes Announced! 2020 Edition

Disney has been pumping out lots of live action
remakes to their animated classics and since our last video a few of them have been released
and more announced! It’s time to revisit our remakes list and
update you on everything coming from Disney. Remember, this list is not 100% guaranteed,
some of these remakes are only in pre production and could end up never getting made. Also the release dates are never solid for
movies multiple years out. OK…We’ve got 15 movies on our list! Are you ready? First up is..
15. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Ring the bells and get ready for Quasimodo and the rest of the gang in the live action
retelling of the hunchback who lives sheltered from the world high up in the belltowers of
Notre Dame. It’s one of Disney’s darkest films in the
90s full of dramatic events, strong themes and a message of tolerance that you didn’t
see in many kids films in that time. Critics commented that the film might be too
violent and scary for young children. Frozen star Josh Gad is said to produce the
film, could that mean he might also star as Quasimodo? It will be really cool to see a turn of the
century Paris come to life. It will likely be filmed on green screen as
the city of Paris is much different than it was during the story. And since the tragic fire that destroyed much
of the cathedral, Disney will have to really rely on CGI graphics to rebuild it for the
film. No word on when this movie will be released. 14. Pinnochio
I’m not gonna lie, this movie has had a few bumps in the road already in pre production. Original director Sam Mendes left the project
and then Paddington director Paul King as well after it was said to be cancelled. Now Disney is in talks to bring the legendary
Robert Zemeckis on board to direct. If you don’t know his name, you definitely
know his movies..THeres back to the future? Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Forrest Gump to
name a few! Disney needs to make sure this is good. Dumbo was a good movie but it didn’t do as
well at the box office compared to Aladdin and Lion King. This is another kinda dark Disney movie with
subject matter that will definitely have to change. I don’t think Disney will want to show Pinnochio
getting sick and high from smoking. Let’s see what ends up happening with this
little wooden boy. 13. Night on Bald Mountain
Based on a sequence from Disney’s Fantasia released in 1940. Filmmakers are planning a full on live action
movie about a character you probably don’t even know about. This opens the doors for Disney to tell any
story they want since there is not much source material to draw from. No word on production or anticipated release. 12. Snow White
Yes, another live action Snow White but this is the first from Disney. The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb
is set to direct the project which will be a musical. LA LA Land songwriters are also attached to
write new songs for the film. I’m still hoping Snow White doesn’t end up
with that high pitched voice like she did in the original. No release date has been set for this movie. 11. The Jungle Book 2
Mowgli and the gang are back after the visually groundbreaking remake ruled the box office
in 2016 making just under a billion dollars. Director Jon Favreu the director for the first
film and who last directed The Lion King remake is attached once again. I can’t wait to see what they do when we go
to the jungle for some new songs, epic action and fun. There is still a lot that can be told in this
story thanks to the abundant source material in Ruydard Kiplings work. No release date has been set but were hoping
to see this before 2025. 10. Prince Charming
It’s not another princess movie, this time Disney is putting the spotlight on Charming. The world of Cinderella is getting remade
with a twist. Fans never got to see the backstory of Prince
Charming or really even get to know him as a person and that is about to change. This is another one where Disney can go anywhere
they want with it. No release date has been set. 9. Peter Pan
We’ve definitely have seen way too much remakes of this story and my personal favorite has
been Steven Spielberg’s Hook starring Robin Williams but we’ve never seen a live action
version from Disney. The story of Pan vs Hook and the fight to
never grow up could be an epic adventure in live action. Neverland is a full of adventure and fantasy,
if done right it could be something like Pirates of the Carribean but with a flying kid! You could think all the happy thoughts you
want but no release date has been announced, so you’re just gonna have to wait. 8. Genies
Now I don’t know if this one is still going to happen. It was originally planned to lead up to a
live action Aladdin movie but as you already know Disney has already given us their live
action take on Aladdin with Will Smith as the genie. Genies is said to be focused on the realm
of genies and tells how the Genie ended up enslaved in the lamp. It’s a unique prequel story but it seems like
this one was gone up in smoke. Who knows…if we get news about it, you will
be the first to know! But speaking of Aladdin… 7. Aladdin 2
Now this one I am really excited for because it really can go anywhere. Aladdin was a huge success making over a billion
dollars at the box office. Since the release fans have be asking to see
Return of Jafar but personally I’d like to see the filmmakers use this opportunity to
tell a whole new story with these characters, especially since Return of Jafar was a horribly
downgraded straight to video release. The animation was just bad but anyway, a new
story would be something much more exciting or if anything the third film Prince of Thieves
was pretty good! It’s all in early talks right now so if they
end up making a sequel, it probably won’t be for several more years but we can maybe
wish for it sooner! 6. The Sword in the Stone
It’s been a long road for the Sword in the Stone remake but it’s finally coming together. The movie is being written by Bryan Cogman
from Game of Thrones and other noteable crew include cinematographers from that Transformers
spinoff Bumblebee and the live action remake of Lady & The Tramp. Sword in the Stone is a magical movie full
of wizards, witches and squirrels! It’s also said that Disney is developing a
Merlin saga! Exciting times for fantasy adventure lovers! The movie will be made for Disney+ and no
release date is set. 5. The Little Mermaid
Disney will finally take audiences under the sea in the epic story of The Little Mermaid. The internet went crazy when they learned
that Halle Bailey was cast as Ariel. They are still going crazy but it’s official
and it’s not changing. Halle Bailey is talented and beautifully vibrant,
perfect for the role of Ariel. I cannot wait to see what she does with the
character. Jonah Hauer King will play the role of Prince
Eric, Javier Bardem is in talks to play King Triton with Melissa McCarthy all but confirmed
to play the sea with Ursula, Jacob Tremblay will voice flounder, the hilarious Awkwafinia
will be Scuttle and Hamilton star Daveed Diggs will be Sebastian. This is a huge project as much of the movie
takes places under the water and with special fx technology improving every year, it’s going
to look amazing! Can you believe the original animated film
is over 30 years old?! Wow time flies. The Little Mermaid remake doesn’t have a release
date yet but it’s definitely coming in the next few years. 4. Tink
Tink is an upcoming movie giving us a different perspective on the story of Peter Pan starring
none other than Tinkerbell. Reese Witherspoon is taking on the role of
the fairy. Finding Dory writer is penning the script
which I’d love to see take viewers to Pixie Hollow but it’s rumored to follow the timeline
of the original Peter Pan narrative. No release date is set but this one shouldn’t
be more than a couple years away. 3. Cruella
Now we’ve seen 101 dalmations come to life before and it was great. Glen Close was the perfect Cruella Devil but
now Disney wants to take it way back to when Cruella was young at the start of her fashion
career that ends up turning to the pooch. Emma Stone stars as young Cruella and the
promotional photo looks amazing. It looks more edgy and modern. Cruella looks punk rock stylish with her dogs…wait
she likes dalmations? Are these her pets? We may finally get to see Cruella’s dark ride
into hating those 101 dalmations. The film is set to be released on May 28,
2021 but that date might change. 2. Mulan
Disney is retelling the epic story of Mulan and it’s right around the corner. Fans of the original animated classic might
be a little upset to realize there is no Mushu or singing in this version. Disney has changed up a few things to make
it less playful and more serious, focusing on the original ballad of Mulan. I’m a little sad that the luckdragon Mushu
has been taken out of the movie but after seeing the new trailer, he doesn’t really
fit. Instead Mulan will have a falcon by her side. Although all the magic isn’t gone, the new
villain is a shape shifting witch that will definitely give Mulan a fight! Mulan heads to battle on March 27, 2020. 1. Lilo & Stitch
So cute and fluffy! Stitch is coming to life like never before
in live action. Experiment 626 escapes to Hawaii where he
meets a little girl named Lilo who will introduce him to being nice, how to surf, and of course
Elvis. It’s nothing new to see fluffy animated characters
come to life like Alvin & The Chipmunks, Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. Stitch could look really scary as a photo
realistic creature but I don’t think Disney will mess it up like the filmmakers did with
original Sonic the Hedgehog design. Luckily they fixed that. Stitch could end up being the cutest digital
creature ever…but he would be competing with Baby Yoda who is just too darn adorable. Well that wraps up our updated list for Disney
live action movie remakes. There are others that are rumored like Brother
Bear, Chip n Dale and Rose Red but we tried to keep the list as solid as possible. What are you most excited to see come to life? Leave your comments down below and hit that
subscribe button to stay up to date on everything Disney.

David Anderson

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  1. Emy N7 says:

    ?? exciting

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    I am Happy for Disney Movies in 2020 Yeah Woohoo ????

  3. Ladies Man 217 Sun-Luc-Dong says:

    Dominic Cooper's singing, talent, comedy, and heartful voice will be perfect for Stitch.

  4. Deshawn Edwards says:

    At least they're not doing Princess and the Frog or Tangled, Yet.

  5. Gevie Santa says:

    Honestly, I'm hoping the Hunchback of Nortre Dame remake will get canceled, if it goes way too far with some more dark themes and horrifying warped religious sequences.

  6. Michael Ryan Moss says:

    @fyrTV You've forgot about Brother Bear.

  7. Player 9 says:

    I’m super excited for the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Actually I’m just excited for all of these movies. ? And if they do make a second Aladdin they definitely need to use King of Thieves storyline. It’s a decent movie.

  8. XDescendants LoverX says:

    Cant wait for more remake

  9. Lize Botha says:

    "There are others that (???) like Brother Bear… " There are others that what? I didn't catch that.

  10. Joshua Fortune says:

    What about Artemis Fowl?

  11. Zerry Mic says:

    I know the perfect person to play Quasimodo……………….
    …………. Justin Bieber!

  12. Kendal Berry says:

    I'm actually want to see Lilo and Stitch and Snow White. I'm a little disapointted that they don't have release dates yet and no cast

  13. Sasha N says:

    Personally, I am not a fan of any of these live-action remakes. They always change my favorite parts

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  15. Alexis Reyes says:

    they got to stop remaking Disney films . like enough already. they just doing this cuz they are money hungry

  16. Greg P says:

    I heard some rumors of little mermaid in March 12 2021 or July 30 2021

  17. garcia adrian says:

    They should bring back animated features movies
    Alice in wonderland 2 and the sword in the Stone 2 and The aristocats 2

  18. garcia adrian says:

    They should make New movie of bedknobs and broomsticks and honey I blew up the kid and Davy Crockett king of the wild frontier and tall tales

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    Who going to make the jungle book 2 shere Khan is death

  20. Tonii Flores says:


    Im So Excited For Lilo And Stitch Omg Ive Never Been One To Care About Designs Because I Always Focus On The Story Alone…But I Agree… DISNEY BETTER NOT RUIN STITCH! My All Time Favorite Cartoon Movie From Disney…

    Also If Theyre Gonna Make More They Better Make Live Action Treasure Planet…Im Serious

  21. fyrTV says:

    Check out every Disney movie coming in 2020! https://youtu.be/sfzf0u0CeYE

  22. Ariel Disney live action The Little Mermaid says:

    7:06 We're here for it! ?❤️?

  23. walterlvidal says:

    15. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    14. Pinocchio
    13. Night on Bald Mountain
    12. Snow White
    11. The Jungle Book 2
    10. Prince Charming
    09. Peter Pan
    08. Genies
    07. Aladdin 2
    06. The Sword in the Stone
    05. The Little Mermaid
    04. Tink
    03. Cruella
    02. Mulan
    01. Lilo & Stitch

  24. Benjamin Yn says:

    And what about other remakes from other studios
    Illumination might gonna remade the land before time in CG
    And Princess Mononoke in live action

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    Omg I’m soooo excited for everything

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    Did he just jump out the window?!

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    How is Prince charming a remake

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    They took out the shoe I’m so peed off

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    I hope the Jungle Book 2 comes out in 2020 or 2021

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