10 SHOCKING Things About DISNEY Couples Kids Would NEVER Know

10 SHOCKING Things About DISNEY Couples Kids Would NEVER Know

Disney movies have brought us some of the
most amazing and iconic couples of all time. It seems like all of the Disney princesses
have found their perfect match and the world loves to love these inspiring stories. Disney fans are a very knowledgeable bunch,
but some of the princess couple facts that we have uncovered might surprise even the
most die-hard Disney lovers. For this list we are taking a look at 10 Shocking
Facts About DISNEY Princess Couples You May Not Have Known. Enjoy this video and be sure to hit the subscribe
button to get more awesome content every single day! Tangled
Tangled is one of Disney’s biggest hit movies in recent years. The film tells the timeless story of Rapunzel,
while adding in some new fun characters and plot points. One thing that audiences may not have realized
when watching Tangled however is that Rapunzel and her love interest, Flynn, have the largest
age gap of any of the Disney Princess couples. Rapunzel is 18 in the film and Flynn is 26,
giving them an eight-year difference. Disney probably made the right choice in making
Rapunzel an adult or else this whole situation could have become a little creepy. Regardless of their age gap, Flynn and Rapunzel
are a great Disney couple and prove to people that sometimes the heart just wants what it
wants. Hercules and The Little Mermaid
Hercules and Ariel are two of the most beloved characters in the Disney universe and fans
online have imagined them crossing over and even being a couple. Unfortunately, this would be a couple that
would be very creepy. In The Little Mermaid Ariel is the daughter
of Triton, who is the son of the great god Poseidon. Poseidon is the brother of Zeus, who is father
to Hercules. If you are able to follow that line, you quickly
realize that Hercules and Ariel are actually related. Unless Disney is planning on taking their
movies in a more Game Of Thrones style direction, we suggest that they do not pair up Hercules
and Ariel. Aladdin
Aladdin and Jasmine are one of the most interesting and entertaining Disney couples of all time. Their love story is a lot of fun and they
brought the world one of the most iconic love songs of all time while on their magic carpet
ride. Something that a lot of fans of the movie
may not know about these two is that Jasmine actually helped influence the design of Aladdin
during the earlier animation stages. Earlier sketches showed him seeming much younger
and scruffy. But once Jasmine was designed and looked absolutely
stunning, animators thought it wouldn’t be believable that she would go for someone
who looked like such a street rat. The movie is an amazing story of rags to riches,
but the animators decided that there was a limit to how “raggy” Aladdin could be. Sleeping Beauty and The Beast
By this point, it is pretty common knowledge that there are countless connections, references
and Easter eggs linking Disney’s movies to one and other. Fans love to look for these little gems, but
we doubt many people have the astute eye needed to connect Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and
the Beast. These two movies actually share a famous couple
scene. Belle’s iconic dance with the Beast was
actually created from the same animation cells as Aurora’s dance with the Prince. Apparently, the animators were running out
of time and needed to get the movie finished, so they just decided to borrow from some of
their earlier work. Some may call it plagiarism, but we’ll call
it a fun hidden secret! Pocahontas
For years and years Disney’s film Pocahontas has been criticized for its portrayal of history
and for fudging a lot of the details. One fact that Disney took some liberties with
was the age of Pocahontas in the movie. Disney decided to make her eighteen years
old but in real life, Pocahontas met John Smith at a much younger age. What was their justification for doing this? Disney has claimed that it was done to make
for a more dramatic and exciting story. That may be true, but are also guessing that
Pocahontas was aged to help keep away creepy vibes. Beauty and The Beast
Belle is often thought of as the great Disney princess of all time as she represents moral
goodness and true beauty all while showing off what it is like to be a flawed person. Her relationship with Beast is iconic and
we are excited to see Emma Watson take on the role in 2017. Something that fans may not know about Belle
is that she is the only person in her entire town to be seen wearing blue, which symbolizes
her position as an outsider to the rest of the characters in the film. Later on, Beast appears wearing blue as well,
signifying their union as a couple. This was a subtle and clever artistic choice
that really changes the way you see the movie! Brave
Brave was one Disney movie that took the world by surprise with its immense success and appreciation. The movie has been hailed as great and progressive
content and Merida quickly became a favorite Disney princess. The craziest couple fact from this Disney
flic is that there are none! Brave introduced Merida as the first Disney
Princess without a love interest in her film, letting her stand-alone. It’s crazy that it took until 2012 for that
to happen, but we imagine that as the world becomes more and more progressive, we will
see more characters like Merida! Mulan
Mulan is an absolutely epic Disney film and introduced the world to one of the most badass
Disney princesses of all time. One of the craziest things about Mulan, though,
is that she is actually the only Disney Princess that isn’t a literal princess by blood or
marriage. Mulan and her love interest Captain Li Shang
may be awesome and powerful, but they are not actually royalty. Regardless of her lineage however, we definitely
think that Mulan has earned her spot as an official Disney princess. Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty is probably one of the most famous and most bizarre Princesses on the
Disney roster. Princess Aurora only actually has 18 minutes
of screen time in the movie and oddly enough only speaks 18 lines of dialogue. She is basically defined by her relationship
with Prince Phillip so it makes why the actors Bill Shirley and Mary Costa auditioned together
for the two lead roles in the movie. They did this to ensure that their voices
complemented each other as the Prince and Princess. This clearly worked as Disney has immortalized
the characters forever. Frozen
Ever since Frozen was released in 2013, children and adult alike have been absolutely obsessed
with the film and it’s incredible songs. The movie is a genuine phenomenon and Elsa
and Anna have been welcomed into the official Disney Princess family. With all of the fuss usually being about Elsa
and Let It Go, it can be easy to forget about how interesting Anna is as a character. One crazy fact about Anna is that she is the
first Disney princess to ever sing a duet with the villain of the movie. Admittedly, Anna doesn’t know the truth
about Hans when they are singing “Love Is An Open Door” but when she looks back on
that duet, it might scare her. So there’s our list of 10 Disney princess
couple facts that may shock you! Did you know all of these facts? Who is your favorite Disney princess? Let us know in the comments section below
and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more fun videos – like this one!

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