10 Most Controversial Costumes In Superhero Movies

10 Most Controversial Costumes In Superhero Movies

In today’s world, the first look at a superhero
costume can be the most important part of building positive buzz – or having fans write
the project off completely. The first look isn’t always the final verdict, whether it’s
a costume that brings the comic book version to life, or changes it completely. But sometimes,
the fans’ doubts are proven to be a good sign – either that, or they never know just how
awful the reality of the costume really was for the actor. Here are the 10 Most Controversial
Superhero Movie Costumes of All Time. Psylocke
Since her debut in Marvel Comics, the mutant Psylocke’s willingness to show some skin has
turned just as many heads as her psychic blade. So when X-Men: Apocalypse put Olivia Munn
in basically the exact same outfit, some eyebrows were raised. Munn made sure the character’s
costume wasn’t just meant to get fans drooling, and with the addition of some flesh-colored
latex covering the edgier areas, audiences can make decide for themselves.
Captain America Steve Rogers got a clever costume during his
World War II days, recreating the color scheme and red and white stripes without actually
looking too silly. But that changed with The Avengers, with Cap’s colorful mascot outfit
justified by claiming that the public might need a hero who was old-fashioned, and a bit
cheesy. Fans were fine with it, since the movie itself was a hit. But the costumers
clearly heard the criticism, since every single Cap costume since has been an update of the
original style – basically asking all of us to forget the Avengers look ever happened.
Green Lantern Almost every practical comic book costume
gets a little tweaking thanks to digital artists, whether it’s CG capes, added effects, or tech.
But with Green Lantern, director Martin Campbell made a bold choice: to go with nothing practical,
and make the entire suit a digital creation. The idea that the Green Lantern ring makes
the suit from pure energy IS faithful to the comics, but the end result turned off almost
everyone – especially the mask. And when your star actually HAS the body of a comic book
superhero, why waste it? As an added bonus, Ryan Reynolds has claimed that the mocap suit
was so hot, it must have been “made of actual woven misery.” 
Catwoman From the first look at Halle Berry’s Catwoman
costume, every moviegoer knew the movie was going to be a disaster. Aside from looking
ridiculous in general, the amount of skin being shown had critics enraged, pointing
out that the version of Catwoman in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. was actually MORE seductive,
showing no skin at all. But it might just be a problem with the character as a whole.
That incredible version worn by Michelle Pfeiffer? The actress had to be vaccuum-sealed into
it. Not only did she hate it by the time filming wrapped, but over 60 versions of the suit
had to be made at $1,000 a piece. Quicksilver
No movie superhero proved you can’t judge a book by its cover like Quicksilver in X-Men:
Days of Future Past (Fox). Where the Marvel version of the character (Avengers: Age of
Ultron) stuck to the slick style of the comics, Bryan Singer went… a different direction.
The metallic jacket might have fit the 1970s setting, but from the moment the silver wig
and goggles hit the Internet, fans went crazy, claiming it to be the dumbest design of the
entire franchise. Even actor Evan Peters wasn’t sure it would work, but the character wound
up a fan-favorite – goggles and all. Batman
When director Joel Schumacher took over the Batman series, he decided that the Dark Knight
needed some flare. George Clooney’s version takes most of the heat, but it was actually
Val Kilmer who first showed off the infamous “Bat nipples.” The idea was to model the Batsuit
after statues of Greek gods, nipples, cod pieces, muscles and all. But by the time the
sequel hit theaters, the nipples and gratuitous butt shots had turned DC’s biggest hero into
a walking punchline. Wonder Woman
Having already teamed up with Batman and Superman, and with a solo movie on the way, it’s hard
to believe Wonder Woman was going to appear on TV played by Adrienne Palicki, instead.
Enough people thought the pilot episode was worthwhile to actually get it filmed, but
once fans caught sight of the new costume, jaws dropped. A reminder: this costume was
designed in 2011. Fans would have debated even a perfect Wonder Woman costume, but the
spandex pants and glittering gold left no doubt: the pilot would wind up not going to
series, and basically embarrassing everyone associated with it.
Batman Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman might be
seen as brilliant now, but following on the heels of the Bat-nipple-suit, a Batsuit that
was actually practical and realistic seemed like a risky move behind the scenes. One by
one, every feature of the suit, from the grappling gun to the wings, had to be justified – to
the director, and in the movie. For Christian Bale, the commitment to realism meant he still
couldn’t turn his head while in the suit, and the materials left with with intense headaches.
Who knows? Maybe that rage is what made Batman Begins such a hit.
Harley Quinn The Joker’s girlfriend has usually courted
controversy with every one of her outfits, showing more and more skin in cartoons, comics,
and video games every year. With Dc’s Suicide Squad, the filmmakers designed a new look
keeping her modern blue and red color scheme intact – and sticking with the short-shorts
and stilettos, too. Actress Margot Robbie mainly complained about being soaking wet
in just a t-shirt and shorts, unlike her co-stars, but claimed the sexy style was part of what
made Harley tick. Whether the audience will buy it… remains to be seen.
Deadpool We couldn’t discuss some of the most hotly-criticized
superhero costumes without addressing the mother of all mutant mistakes: Deadpool, from
X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Even now, it’s hard to know what the filmmakers were thinking,
giving Wade Wilson optic blasts, retractable swords, and the ability to teleport without
even giving him a suit – or a mouth. Ryan Reynolds got to set things right – and then
some – but there was a time when this take on Deadpool seemed like it had killed the
character on film for good. Those are the superhero costumes we remember
being the most explosive, controversial, or just plain misguided. But which ones have
we missed? Let us know in the comments, and remember to subscribe to our channel for more
videos like this one.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “10 Most Controversial Costumes In Superhero Movies

  1. Mad9977 Productions says:

    i agree Captain America looks silly =P

  2. John Bryan Diaz says:

    How about Mystique's costume?

  3. Hershey11 says:

    So basically feminists complain when a female character shows skin.

  4. Parallaxus says:

    Palicki is ugly and Gadot doesn't fit the character at all. Gadot just looks like some European porn slut. How did the choice for Wonder Woman come down between these two awful choices?

  5. jon Doe says:

    psyloco costume sucked.. she is beautiful but she needed more booty

  6. Alfonso s says:

    Olivia Munn as my waifu Psylocke was a dream come true, But she was hardly in it

  7. Mitch Conner says:

    oh my… olivia munn. mmmmmmmmm

  8. MrNinjaGaming says:

    I liked Hallie Berry's catwoman costume

  9. Alacrity sticks says:

    I didn't hear any controversy about Psylocke's outfit, or Quicksilver's, and I actually liked the Fox version better than the Marvel one.

  10. he11b1ade says:

    after hearing the bullshit of the entire video, it turns out the costumes had nothing to do with fans' complaints. The complaints seem to coincide with how bad the actual movie is.

  11. zayastm says:

    Stupid video

  12. Artisan says:

    I don't get it. Why Americans hate sex in games or comics characters. It's really idiotic and weird. Also why they hell the talk like half gay half feminazi girls.

  13. SengirShowsU says:

    I personally think that the green lantern suit of the movie was great and the best thing about the movie. A suit made out of will energy would look like that in my eyes. CGI look = made out of energy suit

  14. Aiiwolf says:

    Psylocke's costume was fine. To bad she didn't work out her stomach for that role… she has a muffin too. How did they not notice that? Lol

  15. ßATMAN says:

    Really wish you did your homework then you would know Psylocke started as British and in a full suit of armor. Plus how did deadshot having eyepiece on the wrong side just so will smith could feel special not make it in?

  16. James Spidey Esquivel says:

    I liked the Green Lantern suit

  17. Erik Vazquez says:


  18. madzac1000000 says:

    wait deadpool was in wolverine origins?

  19. Robert Agu says:

    Yeah but Deadpool now think Reynolds said he actually liked and agrees with most the world is much better.

  20. Tino5135 says:

    Munn as Psylocke looked uncomfortable! Or she's just not a good actress??

  21. Rebel1280 says:

    You could have just mentioned every superhero in the original Hulk series with Lou Ferigno lol

  22. ivan karim says:

    You missed Apocalypse.

  23. Timothy Ross says:

    Deadpool with optic beams? Retractable claws? Teleportation? Sounds more like another X-Men character – Mimic.

  24. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz says:

    1:28 what was that film name?

  25. Relaxed Shadow says:

    It doesn't matter what quicksilver looks like. What matters is how cool he is and what his power is

  26. KesorodaBlk says:

    Let's pretend that the last scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine never happened, so that we can forget about that [really stupid] version of Deadpool.

  27. Dark Queen says:

    No offenece bu I never seen the passion on Jokers eyes when he was making out with Harley

  28. DMC 13 says:

    There's a lot of Superhero's you missed. For example Spiderman, Thor, Ironman, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, etc.

  29. Aun Vuoch Chheng says:

    You missed misguide from x men

  30. Alberto Javier says:

    x men suits ar horrible

  31. Goutam Kumar Parui says:

    Those viewers are stupid ass**..

  32. MDC beast gamer says:

    You missed the newest version of Superman

  33. Lip stick says:

    Wrong, I loved Holly Berry's outfit… Her outfit was awesome, except for those pants…

    Besides, the critics always get it wrong and nobody, I know listens to the critics because their idiots…

    Wrong again, Batman Great, you stupid…

    Harley Quinn outfit, thumbs down!!! Just play wrong…

    Deadpool, should have been darker and not funny, like the comic book, that would have been scary Mary…

  34. Michael Li says:

    I like Quicksilvers outfit….

  35. Noremorse79 says:

    if you do not get deadpool in x-men origins: Wolverine you do not get the franchise of X-men

  36. CJ Visser-Johnston says:

    i did like the batman butt shots as it made a nice change

  37. Paulo Prata says:

    Deadpool CAN actually teleport…

  38. aj don't want advertising says:

    Nightcrawler in every movie his costume has never been the comic book character.

  39. Robet says:

    I actually loved quicksilver's outfit. It fit his character perfectly.

  40. Per Shop says:

    IMO the failure of the Wonder Woman TV series wasn't because of the outfit. That outfit actually looks fine to me. In a comic book TV show or movie, you should expect the heroes and villains to dress in outfits like that.

    But the plot and origins story provided by the pilot episode is what killed the TV show more than the outfit.

  41. OneVoiceMore says:

    You missed every X-costume ever.
    Biker-fetish gear is meh.

  42. JD's Progress says:

    Am I the only one who likes Cap's Avengers costume?

  43. Tywithay says:

    What is a coshtume?

  44. Lincoln H R says:

    Though not a super hero I did not like Sylvester Stallones costume of Judge Dredd But the remake version was more practical and functional hope you get to add this one in another video like this one thanks

  45. Appletus says:

    watch that girl big pair of slippers

  46. Brandon Gomez says:

    But deadpool can teleport.

  47. Eoin Smith says:

    fuck critisisim,love seeing those woman were those sexy titty coustumes

  48. Returning Shadow says:

    How about Superman's in Dude of Tin and BvS? Totally breaking from traditional looks and making it more of a suit of armor with the massive texturing and even padding, making Henry Cavill bigger in the costume than he really is. Look at some production stills and marketing images and you'll see what I mean on the padding, especially around the shoulders. From my understanding Cavill was loosing weight due to sweating so much in the costume they had to compensate.

  49. He-Man World says:

    I'd love to see them go back and insert Deadpool (in full costume) into the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Deadpool doesn't even say anything in the film, so it would be easy as hell to add new lines to it. It would make no sense, but hey, its Deadpool.

  50. Deadpool 8866868 says:

    forgot Ironman, Hawkeye, and Thor

  51. Deadpool 8866868 says:

    and Black Widow

  52. DJ BLKKZAND 2.0 says:

    What…and Spider-Man 3 symbiote wasn't on here?

  53. The Lover Boy says:

    Olivia's Suit & Magneto's Rage On Building Scene Was The Only Good Thing In X-men Apocalypse

  54. Angry Pig says:


  55. carlos menendez says:

    Supermans gay costume?

  56. richard beaver says:

    I knew catwoman was gonna stink after I read an article in entertainment weekly that said the director never read any catwoman storiesIt was for sure when three  trailers came out with no dialogue

  57. Utkarsh Singh says:

    That deadpool one, nearly gave me a heartattack!

  58. Rohit Pathak says:

    You guys missed an important costume: The Silk Spectre(Laurie Jupiter) costume from Watchmen movie…Malin Akerman had said in an interview that the costume was extremely uncomfortable for her.

  59. Keats P Keats says:

    Good job and well titled!

    What about the X-Men leather suits?
    Any FF movie costume?
    Dr. Doom either version?

  60. Milton2k says:

    So sad Schumacher had to let his own sexuality into the batman movies……

  61. Joe Surfshaper says:

    bullshit. Too much. just too much

  62. B Whitaker says:

    to the people complaining about Harleys costume being slutty and wish they would have stick to the original, the original will not translate to live action well it would look ridiculous. There was a small scene in ss where she was in it and it looked awful. also this list is forgetting the costume of spawn, but I understand I try to forget that whole movie. Spawn needs a remake.

  63. Eat My Dust says:

    Hollywood is losing millions of dollars not showing more tits and ass in movies like wonder woman😢

  64. Kenneth Sumida says:

    You forgot superman returns, man of steel,batman v superman. I wish I could forget those movies. those are not the superman
    I knew and grew up reading. even the new 52 , and rebirth would be preferred to what was done.

  65. Rick Rowley says:

    You missed the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Iroman,

  66. 3rd Coast Sports TV says:

    How is Spider-Man, Venom and the forstvthe X-Men movies not on here

  67. Joe Sycamore says:

    Evan Peters Quicksilver was the highlight of an already awesome movie.

  68. Johnny Gillham says:

    Look what I just found on letgo! http://app.letgo.com/k8Mk/ZcP7VvjfFF – black and blue Yamaha motor scooter posted by Tess SprecherChan

  69. danny neal says:

    Spawn was AWESOME!!!!

  70. BarbarianBabes says:

    Olivia Munn's outfit was rated G what are people thinking? her butt lines were lower than your great grandmother's bathing suit.

  71. Highrise75 says:

    The deadpool one wasnt the costume that was the problem.
    i hated that deapool but i loved the swords

  72. David Crabb says:

    3:09. Is that a wang?

  73. Mathis Olivier says:

    Ethnic literature flesh permission excellent accident weird sense regulation nominee.

  74. Pedro Taco says:

    Kick ass you forgot kick ass

  75. domsau2 says:

    Psylocke was a way better in the books!

  76. Your Nobody says:

    Venom venom and venom….you can literally find the spiderman 3 version of venom in the dictionary next to disappointing

  77. Corey Pace says:

    Where's Brandon rouths superman costume?

  78. shadowtron 87 says:

    I think supper Man should have been on there

  79. shan silas geraldizo says:

    actually his full name is steve grant rogers son of joseph and sarah rogers

  80. shan silas geraldizo says:

    wade winston wilson(Deadpool)And logan James howlet(Wolverine)

  81. Kelly Larkin says:


  82. Kelly Larkin says:


  83. Kelly Larkin says:


  84. jm gee says:

    I was only here for Psylocke. That is all ~

  85. calltyshon says:

    misleading. the wonder woman bit wasn't in a movie. it was in a tv show. scratch that. a pilot for a show that never actually got to air.

  86. Finley says:

    Wow, it's almost as if women naturally dress to show insane amounts of skin.

  87. Rafaela Roman says:

    draft evolve publisher evening grief TV mode burst disk.

  88. SMIBB Productions says:

    The hulk 2008

  89. Christian Quinlivan says:

    i thought the quicksilver suit and mask was cool

  90. Christian Quinlivan says:

    and the abomination deadpool was legit. i think if they gave hum a suit it would have ruined it

  91. Mgfhenry Mgf2 says:

    CoughGreen lantern (2011) cough

  92. Tom Yazel says:

    Sean Young should had been the first CatWomen…end of story.

  93. Burnedspecialist Gaming says:

    Seriously ?? No iron man ?? 😒

  94. Let it be. says:

    When I was a boy, I didn't notice that there were nipples.

  95. Let it be. says:

    Quicksilver's costume was cool…

  96. HAUNTERMAKER says:

    0:32 Olivia Munn I will always see as nothing more then Olivia Munn, G4tv's gamer geek Attack Of The Show!

  97. MasterBeast Studios says:

    Wait. People are mad because characters are showing skin, but not mad because characters are KILLING people.

    I mean, shouldn’t mystique and Angel be on this list too, I mean they show a lot more skin than psylocke, Harley Quinn and catwoman

  98. Rene Lagunas says:

    I don't quite understand your criticism of the first version of Deadpool & his multiple set of mutant abilities (teleport, eye blast, Adamantium blade). That's exactly why he's called, "Deadpool"! (As in gene pool, get it?).

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