10 Marvel Bloopers You Haven’t Seen From Fun Superhero Actors!

10 Marvel Bloopers You Haven’t Seen From Fun Superhero Actors!

Marvel has taken the world by storm with their
ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movies, for the most part, have been great
and it is clear that countless hours of work have gone into the creation of each one. But all work and no play is no fun and it
seems like the people behind the scenes of these blockbuster hits feel the same way as
bloopers and gag reels have shown the world just how fun shooting these movies can be. For this video we are taking a look at some
of the best for our list of 10 Marvel Superhero Movie Bloopers That Show Popular Actors Having
Fun! Enjoy this video and be sure to hit that subscribe button for more awesome Screen Rant
content, every single day! Captain America Civil War
Captain America: Civil War was one of the biggest blockbuster movies that the world
has ever seen. With such an enormous and amazing cast, we
can guarantee that being on set for the making of this film must have been seriously fun. The gag reel from Civil War definitely backs
this up as it shows members of the cast constantly cracking up or dancing around between takes. One particularly funny moment comes when Vision,
played by Paul Bettany, is trying to deliver a somewhat serious line but unfortunately
he keeps jumbling up the words. He takes a second try at the line, but the
result is no better. He and everyone around him start to laugh
showing off how well this star-studded cast really got along. X-Men – Days Of Future Past
We aren’t quite sure why, but it seems like playing a Marvel movie character makes actors
always want to dance around as the X-Men Days Of Future Past gag reel showcases a lot of
the casts best moves. From Magneto to Quicksilver, everyone seems
to be getting down between takes and it definitely looks like they are having a good a lot of
fun. While the dancing could have probably ruined
some of the more serious and intense scenes, we think that some of it could have been placed
strategically to add some funny quirks to some of the characters. At this point, we aren’t really sure what
direction the franchise is heading, but one thing is for sure, wherever it goes – there
will be dancing! Guardians Of The Galaxy
With media buzz starting to pick up for 2017’s hotly anticipated Guardians Of The Galaxy
2, we thought it was only appropriate to reflect on a great blooper from the original movie
that shows how fun it really was to be a part of this movie. Fans of Parks and Recreation already know
that Chris Pratt is a hilarious dude and a lot of his funny quirks and lines made it
into the final cut of Guardians. One blooper that was left out came when Pratt
was flying his ship and started laughing maniacally. While it was funny, it was a bit too over
the top for this film but it is definitely worth checking out on the gag reel. Chris Pratt is amazing in the franchise and
is one of main reasons that Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy was such a cosmic hit! Iron Man 3
Iron Man is the hero that really sent the world into the superhero movie craze that
it’s in today. Robert Downey Jr. is amazing in the titular
role and he totally redefined what it meant to be a superhero. Over the years we have seen many clips of
how fun and ridiculous RDJ is to work with on set, but what about a funny blooper from
his Iron Man costars. During the filming of Iron Man 3, there was
a scene where RDJ and Don Cheadle were making Ben Kingsley make some undercover phone calls. Kingsley needed to disguise his voice and
this led to a great gag reel moment that had Cheadle throwing out different dialects for
Kingsley to try to do. The moment is genuine and hilarious and does
a great job of showing off how fun it was to be a part of this blockbuster hit. Daredevil
2003’s Daredevil is probably one of the worst Marvel movie adaptations of all time
and we are thankful that Netflix has now done the great comic book character justice in
their online series. As bad as the movie was, it still looks like
it was fun to be on set for its creation as there are numerous gag reel moments that show
off Ben Affleck and his co-stars having a good time. One particularly funny blooper comes when
Colin Farrell, who plays Bullseye in the film, swoops into the shot on a harness. For some reason, he totally breaks character
and shows a big goofy smile. Not stopping there, Farrell then begins to
recite and act out the Lion’s lines from The Wizard Of Oz. It’s probably not a good sign when your
blooper reel is more entertaining than your actual movie, but at least it looks like the
actors behind Daredevil had fun. Deadpool
Deadpool was one of the biggest surprise hits of 2016 and many movie critics are placing
it high on their lists for best films of the year. The action was great and the story was a lot
of fun but it was really the sly R rated comedy that sets this movie apart. While Ryan Reynolds delivered most of the
most memorable lines, the outtakes to the movie showcase just how funny long time comedian
TJ Miller really is. The gag reel shows Miller delivering line
after line of hilarious descriptions of what Deadpool looks like after the surgery. The final cut of the film only included one
of these lines, which is unfortunate because TJ Miller came up with some absolute zingers. Ant-Man
When you take a ridiculous comedian and brilliant improviser like Paul Rudd and make him a superhero,
you are bound to have some hilarious behind the scenes moments. This was definitely the case when it came
to filming 2015’s Ant-Man. As with a lot of other Marvel movies, the
gag reel showcases the stars dancing around a lot and really having a good time between
takes. There is on blooper from Ant Man that takes
the cake though and that comes when Paul Rudd realizes that he has just sworn with child
actor Abby Ryder Fortson in his arms. The best part is that the scene totally breaks
down when Abby calls out Rudd for saying a bad word and the whole crew starts laughing. It is a genuinely hilarious moment and we
can understand why Marvel has started casted gifted comedians as leads in their films. Thor The Dark World Thor is probably one of the most ridiculous
characters in The Avengers and we wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Hemsworth’s career
veered towards comedy once he is done playing the Asgardian. We have already showcased how much trouble
Thor’s hammer caused the cast and crew during filming but it turns out that his iconic red
cape was a real troublemaker as well. Some hilarious bloopers from the gag reel
for Thor The Dark World show Hemsworth’s cape getting in the way by covering the face
of his scene mates and sometimes even his own. Each time, this wardrobe malfunction causes
everyone in the scene to start laughing and totally break character. This movie may not have ended up being super
fun, but it looks like the production of it totally was! Spiderman: Homecoming While the world won’t get to see Spiderman
Homecoming until summer 2017, there have already been a lot of leaked behind the scenes moments
that have assured us that being on set for this movie must have been a blast. Holland has already shown off his serious
acrobatic skills from his time as a gymnast but the world went a little crazy when an
Instagram video was posted showing him break dancing while in his Spiderman motion capture
suit. Holland has also posted some fun pictures
of himself as Spiderman that really make it seem like they were having a good time working
on this movie. The first trailer for Spiderman Homecoming
set the Internet a blaze and it is definitely one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. The Avengers
Back in 2012, The Avengers really introduced the world to how awesome shared movie universes
can be with their epic group film. While this movie must have taken a tremendous
amount of work, it looks like it was also a lot of fun to make. After looking at the gag reel, it seems like
this star-studded cast was always in the mood to shake it on set and the camera captured
the actors dancing around on numerous occasions. There is footage of Chris Evans wiggling around
in his Captain America suit and even some hilarious clips of Jeremy Renner fist pumping
with his Hawkeye attire on. The Avengers cast has always been admired
for its on screen chemistry and it looks like all these super powered stars get along between
takes as well! So there’s our list of 10 Marvel movies
that show their stars having a lot of fun on set. Which one of these moments was your favorite? What is your favorite Marvel movie of all
time? Let us know in the comments section below
and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more fun videos – like this one!

David Anderson

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