10 Hidden Disney Movie Secrets About Zootopia | Disney Facts by Oh My Disney

10 Hidden Disney Movie Secrets About Zootopia | Disney Facts by Oh My Disney

For this week’s episode of Disney Facts,
we’re listening to our YouTube commenters. We’ve seen your feedback,
and we know what you want. We’re diving into Disney Animation’s most recently critically
acclaimed film, Zootopia. Zootopia includes several nods to previous
films, with Disney’s second most recent film, Big Hero 6 getting most of the attention.
For starters, there’s a Baymax antenna on the van that Nick Wilde runs his “pawpsicle”
business out of. [Hello, I am Baymax.] Meanwhile in Chief Bogo’s office, he sports
a calendar that showcases the skyline of San Fransokyo. There’s one more Big Hero 6 reference we
wanted to call out, and that’s the Hamada’s café. The Lucky Cat Café appears in the
Zootopia universe when Judy Hopps chases a weasel all throughout the city. Another movie with a fair share of nods is
Frozen [Let… it… go.] Similar to the human world, it turns out Anna
and Elsa have a prominent following in the animal world. Two young, sibling elephants
are wearing what appears to be Anna and Elsa costumes. Let’s go ahead and talk about the elephant
in the room. In the ice cream shop, we see two plates that
feature the same pattern from the wallpaper in Anna’s bedroom. Next up, we have a weasel selling counterfeit
copies of Disney-inspired movies. From Pig Hero 6 to Meowana, the filmmakers very cleverly
threw in nods to movies from the past and future. Not to mention, the weasel is named
Duke Weasleton, which is clearly related to the Duke of Weselton in Frozen, who was jokingly called Duke Weasleton all throughout the movie. Byron Howard and Rich Moore co-directed the
film, and they have gone on to say that it would be nearly impossible to count all of
the hidden Mickey’s in the film. We’ll take their word for it and only point out
a couple here. If you’re feeling up for a challenge, feel free to find the others
and let us know what we missed. Another character from Disney’s very early
stages also shows up in Zootopia. This subway train is covered in graffiti, and features a stenciled image of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Zootopia animators drew inspiration from some
of Walt Disney’s earliest work. When designing the look of Assistant Mayor Bellwether, they
referred to the lambs from the 1940s films, Melody Time and Fun and Fancy Free. Lastly, we wanted to draw attention to the
abundance of puns and pop culture references that Zootopia features. You could go frame-by-frame and discover a handful
more that we haven’t even found yet. The blu-ray also features a special segment where
the filmmakers reveal more Easter Eggs, whichis now available. And there are 10 of our favorite Easter Eggs
from Zootopia. Let us know in the comments of which film you’d like us to dissect next.

David Anderson

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    I love big hero 6

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    wreck it Ralph

  6. Christopher Flores says:

    I have a question what about cameos from pixar like you see wallet om toy story and cars

  7. First Name Surname says:

    Pause at 1:22

  8. Max Dollie says:

    Do Finding Dory Next It's Cool How Ellen Was Dory :3

  9. anjellydonut says:

    Finding Dory!

  10. Katyana Livingston says:

    Wreck it Ralph

  11. always_lookin_up says:

    both Duke characters are also voice by the same actor, Alan Tudyk =)

  12. Ella K says:

    Finding dory

  13. claytonica23 says:

    This was great! So many cute surprises. Wreck-It Ralph would be a good one too!

  14. Oliver Rukavina says:

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  15. EmmaInCandyland says:

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    wreak it Ralph seems like a good choice to me

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  20. MissHeatherR says:

    Wreck It Ralph

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    finding dory, wreck it ralph, mulan or lilo and stich <3

  22. Diane Banks says:

    nice!! didn't know about the oswald egg πŸ˜‰

  23. Nat The Squiddo says:

    Excuse me i saw that panther from the jungle book does anyone else see that

  24. Nacho Misty says:

    U missed one of the little hamsters walking walking out of the ice cream shop is from secret life of pets

  25. Nacho Misty says:

    Sorry from the bank

  26. Sargio Molina says:

    Do Frozen

  27. Brennan And Erin says:

    Dude in the background of one has the jungle book

  28. Sarah Johnson says:

    cool thanks!

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  30. FrostyDog says:

    2:01 pause and look to the right and you'll see "star trunk"

  31. Parronist says:

    Didn't they take Gideon's hair from Hans from Frozen?

  32. Ethan Dolber says:

    It said 20 Easter eggs

  33. Film Facts says:

    Nice video!

  34. Alondra Ideas says:

    Macy's and Lucky Charms appear too

  35. Jordan Chan says:

    okie on the train thing the pic there was a stuffed animal

  36. Isabella Corraliza says:

    Snow White

  37. Jack Cohenour Films says:

    Where Hank is in every film

  38. Imoen Shanley says:

    The secret life of pets

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    what is breaking bad ?

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  42. UnikittyK says:

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    Does anybody saw the target bag

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    If you do link things please notice the mearer not just Disney first frozen then there is land of stories then ever after high please notice my comments πŸ‘πŸ»

  52. Gacha Otaku says:

    do 7 hidden movies in zootopia

  53. Gia Princess says:


  54. Gia Princess says:

    Hidden mickey: on clawhowsers cheek

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  56. Alayna Meadows says:

    the rodents have Target bags, and Macy bags, too

  57. BethNBailey Harjung says:

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  59. Gia Princess says:

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