10 Differences Between DISNEY PLUS and NETFLIX

10 Differences Between DISNEY PLUS and NETFLIX

Disney Plus and Netflix are just the beginning of the streamer war and which one will win well if there is a winner Unfortunately us the viewers are all the losers. And today we look at the ten differences between Disney Plus and Netflix How’s it going guys? Welcome to FTD Facts. My name is Dave Walpole And if its first time here be sure to hit that Like button and possibly that subscribe button if you’re into kind of the stuff you’re seeing already but before I begin this video I want to know what is your favorite TV show and why down there in the comment section below? But let’s get started with number 10. So we’ve got price now This is the biggest question now is knee is gonna be a much cheaper service at least this year Netflix is odd that it has three streaming tears You got your basic package Which is $8.99 a month plus your $12.99 which allows you to watch on two screens after that you can upgrade to $15.99 a month which allows you to watch up to four screens, which is good for households Now Disney, however, it’s offering a $7 a month program and whether or not this will stay this way is hard to say But we know from the beginning that it’s going to be cheap and it will offer up to four simultaneous streams just like Netflix and in hi-def number nine pg-13 So this is one of the major differences and that is Disney Plus will not offer Anything any viewing material that is over the rating of pg-13, of course It’s got a lot of stuff that’s for kids and families. So Deadpool Nope, you’re not gonna be on that and if you want horror movies or r-rated films You’ll have to be getting that on services like Netflix number eight family settings So with that It doesn’t mean that everything that is on Disney Plus will be open for everyone to see because like Netflix This will also have child lock and settings. So kids can’t watch the mature content however both do have this ability number seven franchise versus non franchise so we know with the acquisition of Fox by Disney this means that Disney will be running shows like The Simpsons family Guy, and of course, it’s own Marvel and Star Wars Basically anything that it’s a bought Netflix however is a little more for original content and new content Sure with Netflix. You may get stuff like DC movies but all the stuff that we know that his Disney is gonna be on this platform and I’m actually gonna Elaborate a little bit more on this a little bit later because number 6 political correctness and statements now with Disney being Disney I mean by looking at Marvel films and Star Wars films We all know Disney has had a very hard stance on making things politically correct and making subtle But obvious statements in films sure other films have done it as well And we’ve seen it on Netflix, but it’s a little more obvious coming from this company So unless Disney has some new direction that it might be going you can guarantee that You’re probably gonna see a lot more of this on this service number 5 gritty versus non gritty so sure we have shows like the Mandalorian that are gonna have a little bit more of an edge to it But along with rating there is also tone of the show or film Netflix does have a lot of grit to it stranger things American crime story Ozark and even The Punisher which yeah Disney might own but you’re not gonna see it on Disney Plus Unfortunately number four classics and catalogs now. Yes Disney has been a big pusher of original content now Disney, however You will get access to a lot of stellar classics old Disney cartoons like Steamboat Willie and even old movies Which is really fantastic no more running out and spending $50 to buy the blu-ray updated copy of Aladdin. You’ll all have it here So the major plus is that Disney has years and years of stuff that they will release for you and I’m just excited for things like Rescue Rangers number three experiences So where Disney might beat Netflix and having years of content behind them? Netflix definitely beats Disney in years of experience as a streaming service sure, all of this stuff that Disney is offering looks really great and fantastic, but when it comes down to it It just might not work Realistically, it most likely will it’s Disney after all but Netflix has had years of tailoring their content for your liking Disney However is gonna be trying to figure out what you want because it just won’t have the data to prove it number two release So Netflix already has a lot of stuff on their list shows that have already been well established and they are up there Disney is not releasing things like all 23 Marvel films in one go they will release them as time goes on This is probably so the actual service will have an increase in activity as time goes on but it’s also probably Really for marketing purposes. It’s like hey this month. We finally got this film So if you’re planning on watching it You gotta buy this service from what I’ve understood Disney does have the intention to release all the Marvel films But you just won’t get them on launch and number one I did say I was gonna elaborate more on this and this is just the fact that Netflix is a little more open Disney is gonna have just Disney It’s not opening doors to other brands and this is kind of a big problem you get what the company owns? Netflix, it’s just more open you got to remember Disney may be the big bad boy now But at one point it was a king and then it died down and who knows where the industry will go? There’s other Studios out there like Warner Brothers Sony skydance legendary ee1 Entertainment paramount And of course Lionsgate and let’s not forget the big rival Universal Pictures So you won’t see any of these movies on Disney Plus. So Jurassic park’s ghostbusters Star Trek’s mission Impossibles you ain’t getting any of them unless Disney does its usual routine by buying everything I myself I’m not really looking forward to the streaming war because I think it’s gonna be really cutthroat and dirty and it’s gonna really Confuse you and me the viewer who really want to watch a lot of different content It’s gonna be like we’re gonna have to buy many different services just to watch the shows that we want However from my history, I’ve learned that most of us will just end up paying for it and forget about this whole thing altogether Other than that you guys have yourself a fantastic day, and thank you guys for watching and we’ll see you in the next one. Bye You

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “10 Differences Between DISNEY PLUS and NETFLIX

  1. RÉDA JOHNSON says:

    disney&chill ???? sounds wronggwtfff

  2. Diana Brown says:

    tbh i think if we all just know that we are the one who works for the money so we have the bigger say what we want to see not them

  3. Ryan Ram3279 says:

    Netflix is crap. Full stop.

  4. PF-Playz YT says:

    Dc universe app is better

  5. Lil VEG says:

    All of these streaming platforms aren’t gonna last. The entire point of having these, is convenience. They want 1 thing that has everything they want. That’s the appeal of Netflix. It’s easy. The same can even be said about Hulu. But adding Disney+ to the mix? That just fucks shit up. And than add D.C’s streaming service, and ABC’s to the mix, and it’s just a mess. No one wants to have like 6 different streaming services, that’s just fucking annoying. They will all end up loosing money

  6. dark hunter says:

    for what disney charges a year, you can buy all the marvel movies in prime and there you have it, oh and you can also buy all the starwars and disney cartoons. there you go everyone. Prime rules and disney snooze…..

  7. Lorena Arias says:

    The problem with Netflix, is that I’ve watched most of the things they have now, and it doesn’t have shows, movies, or series that I want to watch. It takes months and months to register titles that I want. It’s tiring and boring. With Disney….well I can watch the same movie over and over again, never get tired and always happy to watch it. So…let’s say that I might keep Netflix for a while and see if they add more things that I am interested in watching.

  8. MaZEEZaM says:

    If it’s limiting it’s content to PG+ then it won’t be buying a massive amount that I want to see, I just hope Netflix expands the Australian offering to more like the US and hopefully adds a lot more great content as I often find nothing I feel like watching recently.

  9. Xfurrywolfx says:

    Im glad Disney+ came out
    Has The Simpson's and ones i grew up in 90s

  10. Aiden Tussinger says:

    My favorite TV show on Netflix is Stranger Things I just think it's so interesting and it's awesome even though that it's rated TV 14

  11. Parker Club says:

    Stranger things

  12. Ivan Taquino says:

    Let's go back to DVD

  13. G says:

    Why is no one talking about HBO MAX?

  14. jason Brown says:

    Of course Disney won't have R rated content on their service shmh
    What did you think!
    This all comes from millennial thinking.
    The only thing that is going to appeal to younger groups are marvel and star wars.
    Which thats fine but the whole Disney isn't a streaming service like Netflix and its explicit original content like Netflix.
    Is obvious

  15. Tyler Durden says:

    Netflix killed Blockbuster so Disney can kill Netflix

  16. jason Brown says:

    When HBO MAX comes out people will put them up against Netflix and say this new subscription service is trying to be up there in competition with Netflix .
    and then after HBO MAX it will be some other new subscription service they will be on the defensive about competing with Netflix.
    Give me a break!

  17. Noah Raikes says:

    Disney buys Netflix.

  18. blackstarafro2 says:

    You forgot to mention that content releases up to 6 months later in other regions when it comes to Disney+ . Hulu is only in the United States only. Netflix is pretty much everywhere in the world.
    There is Netflix, amazon prime, also your local cable companies having theirs own streaming channel, hbo also is out there. So it it very hard to justify Disney+ as a purchase.
    The chances are that the customer already owns many Disney films either on VHS, DVD, blu-ray, digital download legally or illegally off the internet, or already converted your VHS tapes to DVD and digital.
    There are also the free streaming legal websites like busy, crackle, Tubi tv, imbd. Do not forget that people in many countries around the world pay for ip-tv which gives them access to many movies and tv show around the world.

  19. Omar says:

    The ones who argue which one is better can’t afford both

  20. J Dabber says:

    Young sheldon becoz it’s funnier than ur life

  21. rimsky richard says:

    I think Disney + is going to flop honestly

  22. Adeshola Ajimotokan says:

    But disney plus can come with hulu and ESPN plus for 12.99 a month

  23. Adeshola Ajimotokan says:

    Netflix takes 2 years to get a very high demand movie.

  24. Adeshola Ajimotokan says:

    Disney plus is not a low quality streaming service in fact it is a 4k streaming device. Unlike netflix which is original programming. You also left out that disney plus offers a hulu and ESPN plus bundle. Which has all sports and a lot more movies than netflix. And some of the comments might say its gonna have ads but its 13 dollars a month of course its gonna have ads you can also buy in app purchases to get an ad free hulu.
    You sound very biased against disney for leaving out important information. And also bye bye netflix and chill, there's a new king in town, disney plus and thrust.

  25. Shang Sung the New and Old says:

    the mandolorian

  26. Shang Sung the New and Old says:

    well for question 1
    will disney retire all of the disney stuff from netflix question ?

  27. Fire Ayo says:


  28. Hak Lee says:

    The way I see it. There is no point in getting Disney Plus. Some of the shows that I saw in the video you can already view them on Netflix, Hulu or Vudu. To my I have a Vudu account. With Vudu there is no Monthly subscription. All you do is pay for the movie or TV shows that you want to watch just once( it is like going out to buy the DVD/Blu Ray) just pay for it once and it is yours forever. Vudu has some many more Disney Channel Movies on it. What I notice about Vudu is that if it was ever on DVD or Blu ray it will be on Vudu. You can either buy it or rent it. When you buy a movie or TV shows it is just one time unless you rent it. there is a plus to it. you don't have to worry about it taking up any space in your living room, if you know what I mean. Hulu and Netflix both have monthly subscription fees. I pay around $20 for both. Hulu has K.C. Undercover, Doc McStuffins. Netflix has Liv and Maddie, Bunk, Radio Rebel, Trazan, Wreck-it-Ralph 2, Ralph Breaks the internet, Bedtime story. Yes there were a few shows on Disney Plus that I saw in the video that is not on Netflix or Hulu like Kim Possible and Phineas and Ferb. However both Netflix and Hulu has Great Original shows that at I like, For example Netflix has No Good Nick and Hulu has Find Me in Paris. I really think Disney should release there TV shows and TV movies on DVD and/or Blu ray like Kim Possible and the 1980s Gummi Bears.

  29. kevin sims says:

    Disney plus material will get old really fast if your an adult and already seen the content growing up. There are still many things i havnt seen on Netflix but off the bat iv seen the majority of Disney+ content. The only thing to look forward to in the Disney+ is the new content but most of it will come out in theaters so it really doesnt hold much value in the service to need to see things, its really only the mandalorian and new marvel tv series coming out that people look forward to. With netflix you have more options and more series to look forward to on a consistent bases so its more worth it in the long run.

  30. Sewer Tapes says:

    The biggest difference is 80% of NETFLIX's catalogue is Bollywood trash.

  31. Kaiden Dom says:


  32. Sultan Chaudry_ says:

    Nah,I’m fine with Netflix ?

  33. cake says:

    I know it above pg 13 will be on Hulu but child lock would be so easy

  34. GamingWithTLG says:

    No Rated R movies BRUH

  35. Pro Fighter says:

    Netflix is better

  36. JohnyTheWizKid says:

    I refuse to support Disney any longer. Fuck their PC culture and I thought Netflix was bad on that too but not as much as Disney. So I would rather keep my old VHS copies, pirate anything Disney shows and just let everyone kill themselves.

  37. Fixtionmaster101 says:

    I'm not going to pick sides on any business war. I'm just going to hop from two website to watch what entertains me. I'm impressed with Disney +, but there are more shows that I need to finish watching or checkout, movies included. Besides, it bides me some time for the new Marvel shows on to stream on Disney.

  38. Smash Bro says:

    My favorite TV show is Phineas and Ferb because I'm a kid

  39. Robert Holmes says:

    My new favorite show is definitely The Mandalorian!!!

  40. AC says:

    I have Disney + and Netflix already bored of Disney+ cause there’s nothing really to watch. The only thing I watch is The Mandalorian and it’s the only reason I got it but they don’t release it all at once so don’t really watch it besides the mandalorian

  41. Matteo Cercone says:

    Lab rats

  42. Aniyah Allen says:

    I just got done from watching frozen on Disney + ??

  43. Lyon Cannon says:

    Bruh I got the three musketeers of streaming services!

    Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu

  44. Zzz Xxx says:

    Strenger things

  45. Sparkles f says:

    I have crave,prime,Disney plus , and Netflix Oof

  46. Trisha says:

    Why not have both if you wanna watch your childhood shows(if you watched Disney channel) then use Disney plus and if you want more mature content or just Netflix originals then use Netflix. Idk that's what I do I use both

  47. MrGonzale09 says:

    i think some people already have many services. me im keeping netflix,amazon prime and DC universe un till HBO max bundles it. im more interested for HBO max. than disney+ right now.

  48. Itz WildCat says:

    The only reason I have Disney + is because of Star Wars

  49. j valeska says:

    I dont get it so there is no punisher dare devil on disney plus ??

  50. Dwight Brake says:


  51. Angelica W says:

    I got a disney+ add before this video lol

  52. roy A.W.J. says:

    Big brother mickey……1984/2084

  53. Mr President says:

    So Netflix wins again ?

  54. Mr President says:

    I hate Disney so idc

  55. Johnny Aguilar says:

    Or or you can watch it for free ??

  56. Johnny Aguilar says:

    Stop feeding this huge companies

  57. Daniel Williams says:

    Fear the Walking Dead

  58. sascha stanley says:

    If anyone has the fire stick get an app called beetv. U have to wait until there's a good copy for people to get them for u to watch for free. But it only takes like a month or so after it's out in theaters.

  59. Jonathan Hernandez says:

    Wait so are they going to add the X-Men films eventually?

  60. Hugh Jones says:

    I like spinning tops

  61. Fashionable Changeling says:

    You really think that Family Guy will be on Disney+

  62. camthesaint says:

    Who else got a DisneyPlus ad before the video? ?

  63. Malachy Fernandez says:

    Umbrella academy

  64. Thxniel says:

    They dont have any disney xd shows

  65. Raahul Pooran says:

    I am just waiting for HBO Max to come out, then the real streaming war will begin

  66. Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers says:

    Let's be real the most "adult" thing that is on disney+ is the Simpsons.

  67. demonseye 1 says:


  68. Eric Monnot says:

    Disney also has Hulu as well and they have a deal we can get Disney plus and Hulu as a package and that's where most of the edgy stuff is going to happen

  69. Martin Horsky says:

    You just stopped me from buying disney+ with that PEGI 13 thing. I hope when Netflix goes bancrupt Disney will make R rated Disney+

  70. Bernardo Gonzalez says:

    Did you do it?
    Disney: yes
    What did it cost?
    Disney: the Continue Watching button

  71. Bernardo Gonzalez says:

    Disney + may have all the classics but they don’t have the Donald Duck WW2 clips

  72. Snowblade says:

    There not going to be really relevant to me just because of there issues of just being Disney. To much kid friendly stuff with a huge lack of creativity. I'll stick with netflix.

  73. Taskmaster says:

    PG-13 vs Rated-R

  74. T-Bone Holmes says:

    I was skeptical about Disney+ at first, but my girl got it and I started bumming off her account and I LOVE it. I definitely thing it's worth getting both. Hulu and Netflix and Amazon are rivals that don't really offer a real difference in the service, but I think the way Disney is doing it is brilliant because the second you look at the library, you'll realize it's quite a bit different than the other services out there. This is good. It means they can both succeed without having to hinder each other that much. They're different services with very different experiences.

  75. Dual Anger PG3D says:

    Cobra kai

  76. Bridget Caloroso says:

    I'm old school I still have DVDs so I don't need Disney plus,but I do have netflix

  77. mike biggurlchaser says:

    How they gonna win with no adult content how

  78. Willem Cahill-Chiaroni says:

    2019: Streaming war begins
    2020: Disney buys NETFLIX…

  79. LiangHuBBB says:

    still prefer netflix

  80. Soappao says:

    Family Guy because its funny

  81. Marco Palafox says:

    Warner Brothers content will all be on HBO max and many other shows like Rick and Morty, cartoons from Cartoon Network, DC shows and movies etc they’re library is huge. Seems like companies are breaking down Netflix but by bit, Netflix will soon be saying goodbye to The office and other shows, plus I feel like Disney partnered up with Netflix to study and figure out all its inner workings and as a result we have Disney+ so I think they know what they’re doing

  82. haynster says:

    I have both

  83. Cooldude Awesome says:

    What about disneys r rated movies

  84. Cooldude Awesome says:

    Disney needs to stop trying to worry about family friendly content like they do

  85. Alan Rodriguez says:

    FavTV SHOW is The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad

  86. Madison Gomez says:

    Disney plus or Netflix?

  87. gabriela Palafox says:

    It also doesn't have DreamWorks.

  88. Logan says:

    Death note is my favorite because I love mystery creepy crime and anime and death note is that all mixed together

  89. Steven Villman says:

    At 3:27 in this video: Disney's Aladdin doesn't cost $50 on Blu-ray; it probably only costs around $20 to $25 on Blu-ray – so what are you talking about, here? ?‍♂️

  90. The Raven Warlord says:

    I’m Aussie and here in Australia, Friends (my favourite tv show of all time) is not available on Netflix Australia, so I had to get another streaming service called Stan (AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA ONLY YE BOI) just to watch Friends. Sure, it has other great stuff, but I only mainly watch Friends on it. For some reason I thought I was in a rush to see every single episode as fast as I could, so in 9 weeks, I saw EVERY SINGLE EPISODE from the season 1 pilot to the season 10 finale.

  91. JayVision HD says:

    Strange things because Its on Netflix

  92. Yungfree says:

    Does it got even Steven show ? Proud family I like toon around 05-09

  93. Daddy Chris says:


  94. Garrett Hunt says:

    Forget Netflix and chill. Disney plus this dick is here

  95. Jahtek Troy says:

    Comment for free streaming app

  96. Luis Mondragon says:

    Nope, because I'm a huge fan of star wars and yet and altho I would like to watch mandalorian…. I'm not going to give my money to Disney as they have butcher one of my favorite movies of all time and that is… Star wars

  97. Netflix Is better than Disney plus says:

    I have not seen a war like this since Popeyes and chicken sandwich ?

  98. Netflix Is better than Disney plus says:

    Fuck you disney+ ??

  99. Manuel Pacifico says:

    One reason why Netflix won for me, it’s because of…

    The K-Dramas HAHAHA

  100. Rodrigo Gaspar says:

    "No reason to buy that old blu-ray copy of Aladdin"
    "If you want to watch that movie, you will need to subscribe and wait til they release them one by one"
    Do the math.

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