♪ JOKER THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

♪ JOKER THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

I work as a clown, advertising, pretty sad, I live with my mom, says Thomas Wayne is my dad. Got her Arkham file, I learnt the truth, Turns out she’s nuts, spent my childhood being abused. No one listens, not even the docs, I warned them all I have are negative thoughts. My laughing condition‘s how I cope with my past, It gets me into trouble, and I start to blast. (Insane laughter) Joker, introduce me as, Joker, wanna make you laugh, Joker, I’m a psychopath, Joker… At least my girlfriend down the hall is cynical like me, Or is that all in my head? A vision or a dream? My whole life, I wondered do I even exist? But I do, and people are starting to notice. There’re lots of different Jokers throughout history, Nicholson, Ledger, Leto, now me. But in this universe, I’m the maker of Batty, Without the riot I started, he’d have no origin story. (Psychotic laughter) Joker, introduce me as, Joker, wanna make you laugh, Joker, I’m a psychopath, Joker, I’ll start a revolution. Joker, introduce me as, Joker, wanna make you laugh, Joker, I’m a psychopath, Joker, let’s start a revolution now. When I was a little boy, And told people I was going to be a comedian, Everyone laughed at me. Well no one’s laughing now. You can say that again pal. Joker, introduce me as, Joker, wanna make you laugh, Joker, I’m a psychopath, Joker, I’ll start a revolution. Joker, introduce me as, Joker, wanna make you laugh, Joker, I’m a psychopath, Joker, let’s start a revolution now. Lighting fires all around, Destroy the entire town!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “♪ JOKER THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

  1. Some Guy says:

    LHUGUENY should be on youtube rewind 2019 change my mind

  2. senku 26 says:

    no wonder they wanted to shoot up this movie

  3. Juan Jose Martinez says:

    But the Joker is the most greatest villain

  4. Víctor Ortiz says:

    Can You Make The Dark Knigth

  5. general segura leader of alpha dog says:

    0:43 batmans parents was killed by joker

  6. Delectable Dumbass says:

    It’s all auto tuned because the guy cant sing for shit.

  7. LUIS ENRIQUE 0.2 says:

    Hey bitch why are your animations are all the same style its kinda bored

  8. Discourse Time says:

    No one
    Lhugueny let me change my beautiful animation

  9. Isaac Lafaele says:


  10. Wyatt Drey says:

    This is my favorite song but it's the shorts song I know

  11. Keza Mesa says:

    Cod ww2 zombie musical

  12. Wyatt Drey says:

    It took d.c. 2 Years to make a come back

  13. IT the Clown says:

    Joker the musical Like suicide squad the musical comment

  14. AnimeSoup Draws says:

    I thought my life was a try not to cry compilation"
    "But now i see… It's a try not to laugh challange."

  15. Chris Quir says:

    Spiderman farfrom home its time

  16. Mika Ariff says:

    I like how u draw the joker

  17. Ricky tv says:

    @LHUGUENY I know it's late but can you make a MW2 VIDEO

  18. Allen Lemus says:

    What’s the original song of this video?

  19. BIGG MIKE says:

    I love the song keep it up

  20. jesus Llerena says:

    He made it on my birthday

  21. Gaming Knight says:

    This sounds a bit like you are my buddy but I love the introduce me as joker!

  22. HewZiey says:

    Do Little Monsters (2019) the musical

  23. Hisyam Abu Hassan says:

    Joker : hahahahahahahahhahahahah
    Human: * punch *

  24. Arthur Fleck says:

    No one:


  25. Arthur Fleck says:

    I see why the gotham in other movies are destroyed

  26. Wadsworthpew says:

    I love the music and the

  27. HungCorpse GoatzNGore says:

    One thing I ask. Make the music fit the theme of the movie ffs. Shouldnt have been happy sounding. Imo.

  28. Рома Борисов says:


  29. Michael Kemp says:

    I gotta be honest, I really dislike this animation style. While it has improved, I seem to avoid it

  30. Mr. Wackoado says:

    What’s the original song

  31. vuthy yinn says:

    I love it.

  32. Skag Meat says:

    Love it


    It's the story of Batman 0:43

  34. Uros Djurdjevic says:


  35. Orabow Bowwie says:

    Joker 2019

  36. Gloria Cournoyer says:

    Nvm I changed my mind I love this animation or musical

  37. gundham Tanaka says:

    Do danganronpa for your next musical

  38. TheLinuxSpirit says:

    Would be 10x better without this shitty animation

  39. Amanda Doxey says:

    Joker introduce me as joker wanna make you laugh joker I’m a Psychopath let’s start a revolution

  40. Amanda Doxey says:

    Do a Dr.sleep muscle

  41. BlackCat says:

    COD Modern Warfare 2019 the musical

  42. Mellohi says:

    Best cinecomic, better than Endgame!

  43. Adiv Guajardo says:

    You should do night before Christmas

  44. plushie 1y363 Saechao says:

    Make a subnautica musical

  45. João vitor says:

    Joker real life

  46. DarkFire VR says:

    So when're we gonna get longer

  47. Chiminino Concha says:

    Steven universe musical like

  48. francesco leggieri says:

    HMM…🤔 ☝️😀showdown bandit

  49. Sebastian Slay says:

    1:20 that’s me on fortnite team rumble

  50. Illuminatiman says:

    Short one but a good song!

  51. gamer122 arredondo says:

    Some Guy
    LHUGUENY should be on youtube rewind 2019 change my mind

  52. Fernando Zorsa says:

    Yo soy de Colombia pero pues esta música en inglés me gusta el ritmo de la animación eres muy bueno con eso y la película del Joker es mi favorita

  53. Юрий бро says:


  54. Nadarajah Logini says:

    And terminator the dark fate

  55. Benhitman003 Ikea says:

    Can you please add all your latest music on Spotify

  56. Mattia2006 Cimi says:

    Questo Joker è il dio di tutti i Joker esistenti❗🃏🤡

  57. AIM TOAST says:

    Can you make a Call of duty modern warfare Musical,please 🙏🏼

  58. Joel Lozano says:

    Can you do Freddy vs Jason the Musical

  59. Deiepgihi Blank says:

    0:10 f**king 👌

  60. Lucas Gabriel Aleluia says:

    Died joker

  61. Jason Voorhees Pamela voorhees says:

    JOKER!:JOKER,let's start a revolution now.(8)

  62. Jason Voorhees Pamela voorhees says:

    JOKER:Joker, introduce me as,

  63. Jason Voorhees Pamela voorhees says:

    JOKER:Joker, wanna make you laugh,

  64. Jason Voorhees Pamela voorhees says:

    JOKER:Joker, I'm a psychopath,

  65. Jason Voorhees Pamela voorhees says:

    JOKER:Joker, I'II start a revolution.

  66. Michael Holley says:

    Do a The Banana Splits the musical

  67. Alex Blanco says:

    Spiderman far form home

  68. El kepler 126 Tutoriales y Mas :V says:

    please COD MW 2019 the musical

  69. Rodney copperbottom says:

    I hope batman will stop the joker!

  70. Da'Monte Collins says:

    thor ragnarok the musical
    like if agree

  71. Juana Juana says:

    I'm always getting an DC as

  72. Dung Tran says:

    Joker: *have a gun*
    Fortnite player: I’m gonna end this man whole career

  73. Redson says:

    I prefer your old art style lhugeny, the faces of character is this art style are a tad off putting. But that's my only complaint for this. Have a good day sir, and any other commenters reading this.

  74. películas de adulto y niño y Juegos says:

    Joker joker xd "😘😆😆😆

  75. Big_ Bird says:

    Dude! We need Terminator: Dark Fate: The musical!

  76. Lixsandro jr Villafan says:

    He isn’t Psychopath
    More like Sociopath

  77. Alexander Alvarez says:

    Make a dork Bralla city of Gold The musical

  78. Cosmic King says:

    Lhuegueny Joker: Nicholson, Ledger, Leto, now me

    Mark Hamil Joker: am I joke to you?

  79. Manuel Gomez says:

    Is my favorite joker

  80. Brayden Sims says:

    This Batman were his parents got kill and his dad Thomas Wayne

  81. yusuf Yusuf says:


  82. yusuf Yusuf says:


  83. Davi Brito says:


  84. yusuf Yusuf says:

    Fuck Again 0270495u43

  85. SCP-049 Minecraft Plague says:

    i know all his videos are bad but not this one?

  86. Austin Kozlowski says:

    I Didn't like the movie but i ABSOLUTELY LOVE this Video!!

  87. JLBZombie says:

    Great song! But I really miss the old animations. 🙁

  88. Samuel Acajabon says:

    The design of the joker didn't look good

  89. Lorenzo Trinidad says:

    Thank god LHUGUENY made this music video on “Joker” because I think this new disgusting animation is a complete joke!!!

  90. Erika Calle says:

    No mames we les quedo posi me encanto

  91. Silent Ninja says:


    Joker: So anyway I started blasting

  92. KENYI blox says:

    Make a granny musical

  93. Little Mice says:

    Wheres Captain Price?

  94. SuperMario Zavi says:

    I thought this movie was for kids at first…..

  95. Juliana walker says:

    So this one time me and my grandma went to go see the Adams family we went to joker this is the part that me and her saw the part at 0:45

  96. Diana De Alba says:

    Kill me

  97. Mr spycakes citty says:


  98. toprakihsan koç says:


  99. xavior dearborn says:

    I love this song

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