♪ BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE SONG – Chapter 5 Animation

♪ BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE SONG – Chapter 5 Animation

Trapped by Allison, she looks like Alice, She’s teamed with Tom, he looks like Boris. They run away, now I am alone and pissed. Following clues with a special tool, Revealing facts about what to do. Find a barge floating in a river of goo. Chased by a giant demon hand, Sailing away as fast as I can… Barely survived, then found Sammy alive, Hoo – hoo! Knocked off his mask, then he held me down ’til Tom axed his head. Joey Drew told me, to come to his office, But he never promised, That it would be safe or there’d be no demons. And for some strange reason, feel like I’ve done this before. Fighting searchers, it’s become routine, Watching our backs, we’re a kickass team. Making our way ’til I break a faulty beam. Falling deep down, I’m alone again, Though this ain’t the first time will it ever end? Alison and Tom lead me to the vault, Hoo – hoo! They can’t cross ink so I must go on alone. Joey Drew told me, to come to his office, But he never promised, That it would be safe or there’d be no demons. And for some strange reason, feel like I’ve done this before. Show the beast the end -the end. I have no choice I can’t defend -defend. What does this mean then? Aww what’d the hell d’ya do Joey? Joey Drew told me, to come to his office, But he never promised, That it would be safe or there’d be no demons. And for some strange reason, feel like I’ve done this before. Joey Drew told me, to come to his office, But he never promised, That it would be safe or there’d be no demons. And for some strange reason, I feel like I’ve done this, I’ve done this, done this before.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “♪ BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE SONG – Chapter 5 Animation

  1. Official Tron the buddi /Tron Fazbear says:

    I love this video and bendy great job we need a award for best animation of 2018

  2. alcides junior says:

    Qual é o nome dessa musica ?
    What's name of music?

  3. Zay Fgteev says:

    What’s up that I was there a check for Daddy she is a girl first time he said bye

  4. The Unknown Path says:

    Tom really doesn't trust us….why is that.

  5. VALENTIN 44 LVQO says:

    Es la mayor basura con autotune que e visto

  6. Dishon Ross says:

    Who can be a record bendy Alice and Boris ink bendy

  7. Dishon Ross says:

    Why is Beast bendy crying

  8. Epitacio Banuelos says:

    Bendy vs salad fingers (comment who will win)

    Bendy vs venom (comment who will win)

  9. Tropical Railroad Productions TV network System says:


  10. Darwin Waterson says:

    Alone and pissed that’s the worst kinda pissed

  11. Alexis Beasley says:


  12. Johan Sánchez says:

    This video is awesome very good lhugueny👍👌 is may favorite song🎧🎵🎤

  13. Jhonny Enrique Canizales Mejia says:


  14. Arthur Leonardo says:

    O desenho do bendy parece o Mickey mouse

  15. Jet Sanderson says:


  16. Angela Rose says:

    You have been 1111111111111111111000000

  17. Julie Vautour says:

    Can you make one of the chapter 6 you know where you see all the characters I would love that

  18. Miri Floores says:


  19. Kaleb Barbour says:

    What song is this

  20. eli adonay perez ibañez says:


  21. christina karaszewski says:


  22. L.I gamer Levi says:

    What a Awesome song it’s so cool

  23. Dawson Royster says:

    fuck you

  24. Roblox god Jack says:

    Best song in my life

  25. Mere Estévez Estévez says:

    Now im anole and pist!😡😡

  26. Alan Ima says:


  27. Дмитрий Вагапов says:

    описание на русском?

  28. Christano Hana says:

    You want to fuck me

  29. Cadeyn Roy says:

    Show me Molly's videos can you please my name is Caydeyn Roy

  30. Carl_ Iz_Lit says:

    I kinda miss these animations other than the other ones

  31. Trudi Hartnell says:

    I love this song and really want a part 2

  32. SammyPlayz • Gaming, Hack Tutorials • says:

    Really nice music & video! Keep it up!

  33. grabiela Gonzalez says:

    do won of Dark Decapation musical

  34. Cat says:

    why do people like this the singing awful and you can tell its auto tuned the animation might not be bad but it is not the best can someone explain why others like this stuff and i hope its not because of kids

  35. Creamtherabbitfan 2004 says:

    All songs in musicals

    C1: what you waiting for – Gwen Stefani
    C2: YMCA – village people
    C3: Look what you made me do – Taylor Swift
    C4: Roar – Katy perry
    C5: somebody told me – the killers

  36. Angelo Cipriano says:

    yes yes yes.Is a bendy reference? YES

  37. Redzilla: God of the Monsters says:

    Still waiting for it on ITunes.

  38. Ingrid Clasper says:

    I have the game

  39. TheAmazingFnafBroAndMarvelMan! says:

    “ so….. this is how bendy will be? “

  40. Anija Hendrickson says:

    Me: a year late but hoping Allison would sing

  41. dragongamer ph says:

    Wow! that bendy plush is a god at a guitar LOL

  42. Dark Deception Gamer says:

    2:19 Henry Be Like: WUUUUUT?

  43. Just Ralsei says:

    He sounds different perhaps british

  44. jacob adams says:


  45. jacob adams says:

    Wow you guys really shouldn't have made him fall or stay there though whoever made this

  46. Hannah Johnson says:

    Ch. 1 – Whatcha Waiting For
    Ch. 2 – YMCA
    Ch. 3 – Look What You Made Me Do
    Ch. 4 – Roar
    Ch. 5 – Somebody Told Me

  47. XD Glory says:

    Batim songs
    Chapter 1=What you Waiting for
    Chapter 2=YMCA
    Chapter 3=Look what you made me do
    Chapter 4=Roar
    Chapter 5=Somebody Told Me

  48. Josh James says:

    Bendy. 😮🤐👿👿👿

  49. fireking xx14 says:

    "Trapped by Allison, she looks like Alice"

  50. fawaaz.H says:

    Make showdown bandit musical

  51. Jackie De Los Santos says:

    L. L0 lol h hmm’,n ;[email protected] ssdfg nOh

  52. rayvaughn wright says:

    So now. They are friends?

  53. Crystal Robles says:


  54. Isabela Terzic says:

    Not gonna lie But in the game beast bendy is sooo cute am I weird I like a lot of scary stuff like the xenomorph, venom, snakes I have one,dinosaurus…

  55. Gustav Ahrens TESGAARD gaming says:

    F*** you

  56. Cool plushs bendy plush says:

    Don't stand thar dummy when something is breaking when are standing there 😂

  57. Miksa Brawl Stars says:

    Lhugueny watch superhorrorbro's video where we have a look at the main character so you can start designing it for BATDR(Bendy and the dark revival) chapter one musical.

  58. Victor Hugo Games Guimarães De Oliveira says:


  59. Hollie Lamkin says:

    If you like bendy like this comment thanks pals

  60. Rene Molina says:


  61. Vil Sili says:


  62. TgvhujntgvyuhjbntgvbbyujhRandomNot says:

    Just saying, I think that in Batdr, they should have the first chapter where they find out its a loop should be called 'Deja Vu'

  63. Noobusforthenoob Real says:

    am i the only one who thinks LHUGUENY has an accent in the video?

  64. Roxy and Hailey Unbased Channel says:

    You are toast

  65. Lydia Galvan says:

    The sercher that's a drummer is amazing

  66. Fox boi 20 says:

    Omg nice this should be on the worlds famouse song!

  67. Recep Koçak says:

    Lhugueny brother the jungle book

  68. Mario Sanchez says:

    Bendy and the ink machine is one of my favorite games 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👿👿👿💀👿💀👿💀👿💀👿💀👿💀👿💀👿💀👿💀👿💀👿👻👻

  69. Gelus Paul says:

    😣😣😣Bi*h. Is doing in the ink musehn

  70. melon 927 says:


  71. Marley Williams says:

    2:29 is my favorite part

  72. Justyce Roebeck says:


  73. Imre K says:

    Tis is the best

  74. Lucia Ivaničová says:

    Watching in 2019

  75. COPDANLY XDFFF says:

    I love bendy chapter 5

  76. Springtrap I think says:


  77. The meme bear says:

    In game:ink bendy is skinny

    LH:makes him buff

    In game:beast bendy is buff
    LH:makes him skinny


  78. PhaseChair says:


  79. tails the fox fan and sonic says:

    0:54 I love that part

  80. Kiwi Playz says:

    Hey guys what’s original song ive been looking for it for so long

    Edit: nvm ._.

  81. 12jhessa Macaraig says:

    This animation sucks make remastered

  82. Mike Do says:

    I do like bendy

  83. Mike Do says:

    I meant don’t like bendy

  84. c says:

    There’s a new bendy and the ink machine coming soon

  85. Sergio Vieyra says:

    wow bendy

  86. BannerTurtoise1 says:

    Once the door closes, the music from chapter 1 starts.

  87. Unk0wnGaming says:

    0:17 when I finally learn to play guitar and I’m proud that I got a band called spitfires

  88. FIRE SLASH says:

    Че ты русский или американец

  89. María Eugenia Maciel says:


  90. Mike Chuqui says:

    I love this song

  91. Jacoby Jones says:

    This is so corny bruh

  92. Josie Ma-ang says:

    We never see bendy in his game……weird

  93. jared stang says:

    Demon hand

  94. Steve Fergen says:

    This song is love drunk

  95. Kathy Mashtare says:

    music chapter 4

  96. SMRSKANE LOBANJE emir says:

    Soon this song will have one yearr!!!

  97. SMRSKANE LOBANJE emir says:



    thank me later, ;)😀👍

  98. stephen Myers's says:

    Bendy chapter 5 song cuz it's so cool

  99. Daniel Velazquez says:

    Daniel 😮👍😸

  100. bendythedancingdemon the INK cartoon says:

    I love this song soooo much

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